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Recent GuildPortal Updates

6/24/2010 4:46 PM by Aaron Lewis

Site admins will notice a new option to toggle between Preview and Edit modes on their guild pages. By default, you will be in Preview mode. Clicking on Edit mode opens a mini-menu in the top right corner of the site that stays in view when scrolling up and down the page.

The mini-menu offers quicker ways to do things that used to take more time to access via the Control Panel. You are able to swiftly add a new page, a new widget, or delete a page.

In addition, being in Edit mode makes it possible to move widgets around on the page by using drag-and-drop. Also, a delete icon appears in the title area of each widget. When finished, simply click the Preview link to return to Preview mode.

All of the above-listed operations are still available in the Control Panel, of course.

The Control Panel itself has been enhanced with a new front page that lists some helpful (we hope!) videos for site admins. It also provides the ability to search for videos and the answers to frequently asked questions. The change log is still available, it's just on the second tab.

A problem with the answers applicants gave to app questions disappearing after the original question has been deleted has been fixed, and will be no problem moving forward.

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