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Change Log

Recent GuildPortal Updates

1/18/2011 7:19 AM by Aaron Lewis

This morning's code push consisted primarily of fixes in response to support tickets, excepting the addition of custom icons for the read/unread status of sub-forums. To set which images to display for sub-forums, open your Control Panel, click Style Tools, and then select Forum Icons. They're at the bottom.

Other things included in the push:

  • A new span with the class "SubForum" now wraps each individual sub-forum. This was put in to make it easy for those CSS-savvy types out there to customize the look of their forums further.
  • The forum question/answer text (bot protection) that shows up when guests post on your site now conforms to guild style, so that the question part is visible. In some cases, it would render as white text on a white background.
  • The ever-elusive thumbnail bug -- where you'd save a new thumbnail image for use in forums via your profile and it would not save -- has been snared and smooshed. However, after uploading your new thumbnail image, you may notice that the same image as before shows up in your profile settings when you click "View." This is because the new image saves as the same filename and browsers will cache images for a bit and serve them up from your disk, instead of re-downloading them. Hitting refresh on a forum page where you would see your thumbnail will clear the cached image, and you will see the new one.
  • In some cases, announcements were not showing. They are now.

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