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Recent GuildPortal Updates

2/11/2011 12:10 PM by Aaron Lewis

Members of guild sites are now able to "vote" on whether they like or dislike individual posts. Images are included by default, but admins are able to specify their own custom images in Control Panel > Style Tools > Forum Icons.

Quick update: An update is being pushed to production shortly that will make it possible to disable this functionality. To do so, you'll need to click on the Edit button under your forums, click Display Options, and then check the box that says "Disable Like/Dislike in Posts."

 Other changes going live:

  • Parent forums will now correctly show the sum count of posts and topics for both themselves and any child forums.
  • Marking people as having attended an event/raid in Event Follow-Up has been sped up.
  • WoW guilds with over 100 members will see all of their members (approximately 4 hours after the update for this to occur for all guilds).
  • Buncha little things for support tickets.

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