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Change Log

Recent GuildPortal Updates

4/1/2011 8:52 AM by Aaron Lewis

Many changes this week!

  • New: Rift tooltips for items, abilities, and just about everything are now live and fully integrated into the WYSIWYG editor! Many thanks to ZAM for providing this functionality!
  • New: A new widget called Rift Search has gone live, and integrates directly with ZAM for all your Rift searching needs. There are three display modes for it, and you can choose the one you prefer by clicking Edit under the widget. By default, this will appear on all new Rift sites.
  • New: System-wide achievements are now live. These are apart from the custom guild achievement system, and can be viewed by clicking any site member's link.
  • Fixed: Preference/setting changes were not always appearing to update immediately.
  • New: The bank admin UI (specifically in the areas of managing items and item requests) has been cleaned up.
  • Fixed: When an item request was approved for an item with a quantity greater than one, the system was not multiplying the number of DKP to deduct by the number of items in the stack.
  • New: The Rift Server Status widget now has a background image, which can be set to the Guardian or Defiant logo by clicking Edit under the widget.
  • Fixed: The image selector used throughout the Control Panel was not opening the window to select images that were available in guild storage.

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