Change Log

Recent GuildPortal Updates

4/8/2011 7:17 AM by Aaron Lewis

Hello all! It's update time again, and this week we've got some fixes and an enhancement or two:

  • Fixed: In event follow-up > attendance, updating was only happening if you filled out the form in a specific order (ie, checking the box indicating the member attended before entering the amount of DKP awarded for attending).
  • New: Event admins may now update attendance directly from events. As was the case when setting attendance in follow-up, allied events put the responsibility for tracking attendance and awarding DKP on each guild the event is shared out, allowing for each guild in the alliance to have their own DKP point structure.
  • New: The process that checks for new one-on-one chat requests now updates more frequently.
  • Fixed: Clicking Return to Preview while in drag-and-drop page edit mode wasn't always clearing out the cache, and refreshing the page right away would not always reflect the changes made.

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