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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

How Do I Set Duplicate IPs?
Why Won't My Server Start?
How Do I Set a Default Channel?
How Do I Set Up a User?
Why Are My Admin Features Disabled?
What are the New User Rights, Like (GUEST)? for Vent
Can Mac Users Connect to Our Ventrilo Server?
How Do I Login As Admin On My Ventrilo Server?
How Do I Add Users/Admins To My Ventrilo Server?
How Do I Add Channels to My Ventrilo Server?
How Do I Custom Sort Channels in Ventrilo?
I Can't See Anyone in My Ventrilo Server, But I Know They Are There
Someone Else is Telling Me They Own My Ventrilo Server. Why?
How do I add GuildPortal's Ventrilo Hosting to my site?
Do I Need to Create an Account for Every User?
I already have vent server for our guild, how can I add this to my site? I only see a way to buy a new one!
General Questions
How Long has GuildPortal Been Around?
Do I Need to be a Programmer to Use GuildPortal?
We Have a Programmer in the Guild. Why Would We use GuildPortal?
What Limitations do the Free Guilds Have?
Does GuildPortal Show Pop-Up Ads to Visitors?
How Can I Get a Guild Site Deleted?
We Are a Multi-Game Guild. Do We Need to Make a GuildPortal Site for Each Game?
Someone's Calling Me (or Someone Else) Names on their Site!
I Found Something Offensive on a Guild Site!
How Much Does GuildPortal Cost?
Why Isn't My Thumbnail Image Updating?
I Cannot Log Out. Why Have You Forsaken Me?
How Do I Remove Advertisements?
What's This I Hear About a Security Issue in 2007?
How Do I Insert Game-Specific Hover Tips?
What Types of Content (Widgets) Can I Have on My Site?
Why Does the Site Reduce Uploaded Image Quality?
Why Does Internet Explorer Keep Logging Me Out?
How do I get Ventrilo Hosting on my site?
I started my site now what do I do?
What Does GuildPortal Do About Security?
I joined a second (or 3rd or 4th) Guild and now I am no longer on the roster!
My Members' In-game Accounts are Being Hacked! Is GP the problem?
How Do I Add a YouTube Video Playlist to My Site?
How do I change my password?
Comparison Questions
Some Hosts Restrict Alliance Features to Pay Sites. Do you?
What's the Difference Between GuildPortal's Themes and Others?
What Additional Features does GuildPortal Offer Aion Legions?
Characters and Profiles
How Do I Delete One of My Characters?
How Do I Change My Time Zone Settings?
How do I change my password, time zone, password, e-mail address, and set up a signature and turn on or off e-mail notifications
How do I set up my signature?
How do I add my character to the roster?
How do I leave a guild (site)?
Step By Step - Adding your Character
Can I post as my characters, instead of under my GP account?
I tried to create an account, but it said that login name was already taken.
I am having login problems. What should I check?
How do I "Ignore" a GuildPortal user?
How are Participation Points calculated?
What are Activity Points?
How do users add thumbnails to their profiles?
How do change the name I post as?
Site Administration
I paid for a guild, and I want it deleted.
Where's a Good Place to Go to Learn About Using the Administrative Tools?
How do I get the word out about our new site?
How do people sign up to join my site?
How do I tell people where our site is?
How do I change colors and manage content for my site?
The link to the Control Panel doesn't appear for me.
How do I allow users to manage content?
Will GuildPortal Host My Domain Name?
How Do I Get My Guild in the Spotlight?
What is the Idle Monitor, and how do I use it?
How do I change the Tab Images
How do I change the Forum Icons?
I cannot see my closed voting polls why?
How Do I Make a PayPal Donate Button?
How do I upload images to my site
I cannot post or edit the site! (login problems too)
How do I change my guild's name, game or server?
How do I change the size of the left and right sides of pages?
How do I display a user's name in my welcome message?
How do I delete a guild site?
I have a domain name already can I use that instead of yours?
Is there any way to ban a user from my site?
What privileges are given to the site members at the various levels?
How Do I Get the IP Address of Another User?
Why do I get a message saying loading GP in an IFrame is prohibited?
I am the new guild leader, and need Super Admin rights.
I Need My Admin Rights Back (or: I Paid for this Site, Give me Admin)
How do I add music to a page?
I changed my welcome message, but it shows the same thing!
How do I block or unblock a user's signature?
Can I get an easier URL?
Can I transfer my old forums to GuildPortal?
How do I add- delete a tab or Widget/content?
How do I award medals
How does the Progression Widget Work?
I have my own banner. How do I add it?
How do I create an application for new members to fill out?
How do I administrate the forums?
How do I move widgets?
How do I remove pictures/images?
How do I remove the “Share” link?
How do I add a Poll?
How do I set or reset thumb nail sizes in my forums? By: Sandy Lewis
How do I move/delete widgets?
How do I add pics? also go over how to re-size
How Do I Make Widgets Semi-Transparent?
Progression: How do I get it to work?
How do I add the Facebook like button?
How do I pick a different Theme?
How do I approve a news item someone submitted?
How do I change my sites background picture?
I was just billed again for the services after 6 months. What's this about?
I no longer play the game, and haven't for months. Why am I being charged?
I Didn't Cancel Via PayPal, but I Haven't Used the Site in Months. Can the Charge be Refunded?
Can I subscribe, and then immediately cancel, to avoid recurring charges?
What happens when my subscription is cancelled and runs out? Is my content lost?
Will you put up a "non-payment" screen if I cancel to avoid recurring payments between the time the site goes non-subscriber and when I re-subscribe?
How to I allow members to donate to the site?
What is PayPal, and why does GuildPortal use it?
How do I cancel my subscription?
Can multiple members contribute to the subscription payment?
My custom domain,, isn't working!
I have a domain name already can I use that instead of yours?
I purchased the $30 subscription and now (at a later date) I want to purchase a domain name. How do I do it?
I need my super admin right back. An approve Super Admin delete me and I need my rights back. Or I paid for this site give me access.
Content : Forums
How Do I Get Notifications of Activity for Topics I'm Interested In?
I subscribed to a topic, but I'm not getting notifications in my e-mail. Why?
Where is the Next Unread link?
Forums: How to Admin the Forum -- a few video's
Password on forums?
Content : Rosters
A character doesn't appear on the roster. Why?
I am a guild leader. Can I enter my member's data to the roster myself?
How do I remove a character's name from the roster (not the site)
Content : Chat
Do My Members Need to Run Java to Chat?
Content : Mail
Where Did My Old Mail Go?
Advanced Administration
How do I create a theme that other administrators can use?
Can I run my PHP, ASP, or CGI scripts on GuildPortal?
How do I add a PayPal donate link/button?
Can I have a copy of my data?
Can I get information on someone who posted something offensive?
Content : Auto-Roster for WoW
Why does the roster only show members who were online when I ran the add-on?
Where can I get the Add-On for Auto-Roster fo World of Warcraft?
How do I update my Guild Roster automatically using the GPHelper Add-On?
What Happened to WoW Armory Roster Integration?
Why do I get a 404 error when uploading my GPHelper.lua file?
Raid Points (DKP)
How do I modify the number of Raid Points(DKP) a member has?
Does GuildPortal have a DKP/Raid Point system?
How do I delete Drops that were entered during event/raid follow-up?
How do I set the Raid Points(DKP) awarded for attending an event or raid?
How do I award Raid Points(DKP) after an event/raid has finished?
Problems caused by 3rd Party Software
I am seeing advertisements on my subscribed site!
Clicking Edit Boxes or Control Panel or Member Admin Doesn't Do Anything
User Login and Preferences
Why am I automatically logged out after a while?
HTML Editor
Formatting (borders) lost when pasting from Excel
What are the $block codes?
Content : Bank
How do i add items to the bank?