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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: A character doesn't appear on the roster. Why?

First, only characters that belong to approved members of a guild are displayed, and they must be entered by the member in their settings.  The flag to "Show in Guild Rosters" must be checked, as well. 

 OR it could the users membership level, if they are marked as associates they may not show up: to fix this the site admin needs to go to “Edit” in the “Roster” tab then click on “display options”.  Then check the “Display associates” box

Next, if the member belongs to more than one GuildPortal guild, they will need to "Manage Guild Associations" and tell GuildPortal which guilds the character belongs to, in order for GuildPortal to know which guilds should display the data for the character.

 Go to "Character/Settings"  then click on the "Characters" Tab now "Edit the "Character" you want to show up on the rosters.  About 6 down you should see "Guild Associations" click on "Manage Guild Associations" now check what sites you want your character to show on.