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Q: Clicking Edit Boxes or Control Panel or Member Admin Doesn't Do Anything

Most likely, an admin of the site having trouble has added a reference to a javascript file called dtips.js somewhere in their custom HTML, header, footer, freeform text/HTML content types, etc..  This script had been used by GuildPortal at one time, but because of incompatibility between it and other libraries that are currently being used, GuildPortal no longer references the script when loading your guild pages.

When an administrator re-adds a reference to the file, regardless of where it is actually stored, it effectively breaks other functionality on the page.  Edit buttons, links that open pages in different windows (control panel, sending private messages, member admin) stop working.

The only way to resolve this is to remove the reference to dtips.js, wherever the admin has placed it.


You can use the "Control Panel to edit content types:

“Control Panel”  “Site Pages”  “Manage Pages”  Click on the Tab name that has the content you want to change and use the “Edit Content” Link from there?


Or  For Member Settings:

“Control Panel”  “Site Members” “Members List” for users?