GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: How do i add items to the bank?

 Go to the "Bank" Tab

Click on the "Edit" Bank Item Categories

Words in black below are the word you will see in the "Bank Editor"

A new page will open click on the " Add a new item"

From the drop down box click choose  an: " Item Category   

Name the item goes next: Item Name   

Number you have: Quantity Available   

If you user raid points put the vaule here: Raid Point Value   

Who bank its in: Current Location  

A check box for members to see it or now check means yes: Display to Members

Do you have a picture of the item if so what is the URL enter that here: Image  URL   

Detail URL  

Status of the item: Stats



Go to the "Bank" Tab

Click on the "Edit" Bank Item Categories

You can click on:   Import World of Warcraft  Items

Search the data base for the name of the item: Item Search

Please be patient  these next few steps each can takes a few seconds

Click on " Import" next to the one you feel best describes the item (the search will place them in order of the most often downloaded first.) 

It will automatically enter the item into your GuildPortal bank (you may need to "refresh" the bank tab to see the item)


To Edit

Click on "Browser/Edit guild item"

Use the drop down box to pick the Item Category

The page will then show all the items you have in that "Category, you can make direct changes from there.