GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: How do I add music to a page?

From the Control Panel, click on Site Pages.  A listing of pages on your site is displayed.  To the right of each page is a link that says "Sound."  Click that link.  A window will open up asking for the URL of the sound file and how many times you want it to loop for visitors to the page.

The URL must be a fully-qualified URL pointing to a location on the internet.  URLs pointing to a folder on your hard drive will not work.  For example, if you are a subscriber guild, you can upload files and the URL will be something like (that link is an example.  Clicking it will do nothing).

Which types of files can be played depends on the browsers visiting your site.

Common sound problem:  The file placed in that area in not sound file, but just a URL.  Most sound files will end with “.mp3” or “.wav” .  If the URL you put in the sound area does not have :dot something:" at the end it might not work.

Common Upload problem:  file size is to large.  (needs to be under 4MB)

A video is available for this question!