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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: How do I change colors and manage content for my site?

If you're logged in as an administrator for a site, the link for the Control Panel appears either at the very top or to the left (depending on the location you've chosen for your navigation elements, by default it's to the top).  In the Control Panel is where you set the content for your pages and manage style settings.

To add or change content types:

Go to the “Control Panel” then “Site Pages” (here you can also add a new page by clicking on the link “Add a new Page”)


In “Site Pages” you will see all the tabs you have so far.  Too edit, delete, or add content, click on “content” across from the page you want to change. 

A new box will load with all the current content on the page.   

You cab either edit of delete content by clicking on the choice below the content name. 


Too ADD NEW stuff click on “Add content” look towards the top of the page above the grey line.  Name the new content and choose any of our guild specific content types.