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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: How do I change my guild's name, game or server?

If you have settings administrative rights for the guild page, you will see a link on any of your pages that says "Control Panel."  Clicking on that icon will open the Control Panel, and from there click on "General Settings & Tools," Then look for "General (Name, Game, etc.) which is the first link at the top/left of the Control Panel.  
From there, you can change your guild's name, game and server.

If you also need a your GuildPortal Sub-Domain changed go to “Subscription Services” in the “Control Panel”  And look for the “Change Vanity” it will give you all the instruction (like it can take up to 72 hours before it work stuff  etc) there is a charge of 10$ for a each time you change a sub domain name. 

Domain names take up to 72 hours to be set up and to propagate across the internet.

** if you asked for a server to be added and you get this FAQ the server has most likely been added and you are getting this e-mail so you know how to make this change***

A video is available for this question!