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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: How Do I Make a PayPal Donate Button?

1. Login to paypal under the “merchant account“ you set up to accept payments.  I'm not sure if this can be done without one...

2. Go to the “Merchant Tools“ tab.

3. Click “Buy Now Buttons,“ tucked away in the first paragraph that has the title “Use PayPal on your website!“

4. Enter the details in the form.  For item name/service, use something like “Site Donation,“ and give any number for the item id/number.  Have whatever price you like, select the currency...

5. Select the “Buy Now“ button or provide one of your own.

6. Under Security Settings, click “No“ to encrypt the payment button.  Normally, it'd be a very bad idea to do this, but since you're accepting donations from your members and not actually charging for a service, it shouldn't be a big deal.

7. Click “Create Button Now“ to complete the form.

8. Two text boxes with code in them will appear.  The code you want to grab is the code in the “Link for Emails“ text box.  It contains everything necessary to send the user to PayPal to donate to you. 

Once you have the "Link for E-Mails" HTML code, you need to add it to your GuildPortal pages somewhere.  Usually, people add it by editing their Welcome Message or by creating a new instance of "Freeform Text/HTML" content to one of their guild pages.  You can do that by clicking the Control Panel link, clicking on Site Pages, picking a page, and then clicking "Add Content."  Select FreeForm Text/HTML, and then paste the link code in there.

Site setup

  • Create a new "Free Form Text/HTML" content box where you want the button to be placed.

  • Decide which method you wish to have the paypal window open: New window (with text or image) or a pop-up window. Then copy (Ctrl-C) the code from below and paste (Ctrl-V) it into your content box - make sure you're in HTML mode () when you paste it.

    New Window (Text Link)
    <br><a target="_blank" href="paypal LINK FOR EMAIL">

    New Window (Image Link)
    <br><a target="_blank" href="paypal LINK FOR EMAIL">
    <img src="BUTTON IMAGE URL">

    Pop-up Window
    <br><input onclick="'paypal LINK FOR EMAIL', 'newwindow', 'height=800,width=800,toolbar=yes,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,location=no,directories=no,status=no')" value="Donate" type="image" src="BUTTON IMAGE URL">

  • Replace the blue text with a description of what the button is going to be used for: "Maintain our web site" or "Donate for ventrilo"... whatever you want.

  • For the Pop-up Window, edit the height and width size in purple (default set to 800 x 800 pixels) if you want to change the size of the pop-up window.

  • Replace the button image URL in green with the link to the button you choose below, or insert the link to a button of your own design. Or if you decided to use the text hyperlink, edit the text in red.

Getting Your paypal Info

  • Log into your paypal account (or make one if you haven't already)

  • Click on the "Merchant Services" tab

  • Under Create Buttons, click on "Donate"

  • Fill in the following (add the appropriate information):

    Donations name/service:
    Donation ID/number (optional):
    Donor's default country:

    Choose a button style: (Pick anything. It won't matter because you've already picked one above)

    Button encryption: NO
  • Click the "Create Button Now" button at the bottom

  • Get the code in the "Link for Emails:" box by clicking the "Select All" button below the box, then copying it (Ctrl-C). It should start out something like this: ..... &charset=UTF%2d8
  • Paste this link back into your content box, replacing the orange text and you're done!