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Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: How do I set the Raid Points(DKP) awarded for attending an event or raid?

Setting Raid Points at Event Creation/Editing

The first step in using the raid point/DKP system is to specify the raid points people should be awarded for attending your events. You can do this when creating your event, by entering a number in the “Raid Point Value” text box.

The value you enter is specific to the event itself, for your guild. If you choose to share this event with one or more allied guilds, they will receive their own copy and will be able to change the raid points that will be awarded to their guild members for attending.

It's a good time to mention that in order for any raid points to be awarded, it is necessary for your members to actually sign up for the events. Using the Calendar content type, members will see a link under each event that will allow them to sign up. This creates a record between the member and the event, indicating that they intend to attend, and it also lets them specify which character they will be bringing (including the ability to bring multiple characters).

Awarding Points after the Event

After the event has occurred, it's time to award raid points. Clicking on the edit button at the bottom of your calendar will bring up a listing of events. Find the event in the list and click on Attendance/Followup/Drops. After clicking that link, the Event Follow-Up / Attendance Point Awards window will pop up. This window provides the ability to enter a summary of the event (with the option to auto-post a news item from the summary you enter), modify the attendance list and raid point awards, and also to specify in-game valuables or items that dropped during the course of the event (as well as who was awarded said items and how many raid points it cost them). For the purpose of this walk-though, we're going to be covering Attendance/Raid Points.

Attendance/Raid Points

Raid point awarding and attendance confirmation are both contained in the same dialog.

You can mark each member who signed up as having attended the event, individually mark members as having attended, or mark all attended. By default, the number of raid points awarded to all members who signed up for the event is set to the value you entered when creating the event. You can individually modify the number of raid points each member was awarded (for example, fewer raid points if the member showed up late/left early, etc.) or leave the default raid points in for all members.

Generate Sign-Ups 

Clicking Next will take you to the Generate Sign-ups screen, which allows you to select members from your guild membership list that did not originally sign up, but who did actually attend. For these members, you can enter a different amount of raid points to award. Some admins deduct an amount from the default raid points for members who did not sign up for the event in the first place, as an incentive for members to sign up.