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Q: How do I upload images to my site

Q10483 - FAQ: How can I post images on my GuildPortal page

Currently GuildPortal only supports uploading and hosting of a 15MB  for bronze/free guilds --

 Control Panel” then “File Manger” for uploading your pictures.

You can, however, link images in your pages and content by using the HTML "IMG" tag combined with a SRC attribute that gives a fully-qualified URL to the location of your images. Most people use the free web space (usually a few megabytes) that came with their dial-up or broadband service to store images, and then link them in their pages.  Most of our users end up using the free web space that comes with their Internet Service Provider.



To display uploaded images in posts or other content that uses the WYSIWYG editor, click the icon to add an image and paste the URL of the image you want to use when prompted.  To display uploaded images in non-WYSIWYG content types, enter <IMG SRC="[location]">, with [location] being replaced by the full path of the image.

Common Upload problem:  file size is to large.  (needs to be under 4MB)


A video is available for this question!