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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: How does the Progression Widget Work?

Since there are so many different ways people like to display their progress, we kind of made that widget free form in what text you'd like displayed next to each encounter.  For example, if you click Icecrown Citadel, you'll see that I put "Done" next to The Lich King -> 10 Man.  Some people might want to put "Farmed" or a percentage.  It also gives you the ability to enter your own encounters.

What you do is, hit the Edit button at the bottom of the widget, click the + sign next to the expansion, then the + sign next to the instance.  There you'll have the bosses and/or encounters.  Clicking on them gives you the Status text box where you can put in anything you like. 

You'll also notice the "Add New" items in the tree, where you can define your own encounters, if you like.