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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: I cannot post or edit the site! (login problems too)

There are a few things to look at for this.   The  most common ones are: Internet security, pop-up blockers and some types of antivirus software or cookies need to be cleared.

#1 - Internet security is set to “high”.  To change this go to your Internet explore or what ever browser you use and go to “Tools” then down to “Internet Options” after that opens click on the “Security tab” then click on “default level”  here move the slide bar next to the levels to medium or lower make sure and to “Apply” changes

#2 - Pop-up blocker.  New posts and editing are done in new windows; maybe the pop-up blocker is closing them by mistake. Turn this off see if it helps (Just make sure to turn it on later!)

#3 - Some anti-virus programs come with a pop-up blocker, and they're notorious for not distinguishing between an unwanted pop-up and a user-initiated one.

#4- clearing your cookies/and internet files help


To clear cookies/internet files

In your browser (if it is Internet explore) Go to “Tool”  then “internet options” click on the “general” Tab then Click on ”Delete cookies” and  “Delete files”  also make sure to check the “Delete all off line files” box