GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: I have a domain name already can I use that instead of yours?

Yes you can. 
If you are a paying site you can set this up by going to 

Control Panel > General Settings & Tools> “Domain Redirection”


If you are not a paying site you will just need to do a redirect from the domain you already have to your GuildPortal site.  The place your purchased your domain from will need to tell you how to the re-direct using their system.


Please be aware that many systems that offer redirection services don't actually do a full redirect, but instead embed the page you want people redirected to inside of an IFrame.  This IFrame will periodically show pop-up advertisements to your users, and in addition, can cause security restrictions on most browsers to refuse the ability for you to authenticate (log in) on the site you're visiting.  What this means is that using some redirection services will show your users advertisements and make it impossible for them to log on to your guild site.