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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: I need my super admin right back. An approve Super Admin delete me and I need my rights back. Or I paid for this site give me access.

For the protection of guild sites, the system is set up that if a guild site has any active admins, we at support cannot grant any access levels.


Even if:

  1. You at one time had full admin access
  2. You started the guild site
  3. You are the guild leader
  4. You paid for the site

We simply cannot grant access to other users if the site has an admin.


If nobody currently has Super Admin access to your site, we will usually not have any problem granting access.  However, if someone already has Super Admin access to the site, you will need to contact them and request that they grant you access instead.


If an admin of the site has been on recently, we can not set any members access. You could start your own Guild site at with a the name slightly altered.  Maybe the guild name and the game name of the guild name with no spaces.