GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: Is there any way to ban a user from my site?

Yes there is. Go to “Member Admin” then look for Banned Users on the left hand side of the admin window.   Click on Banned user and add his name.


Please be careful when using the tool, as it searches the database for the last known IP address of the person you're attempting to ban and, if it finds one, bans that IP from your site as well.  This does not stop the user from using another computer to create a new account and come back to your site to make a nuisance of themselves, however. 


If you have a very persistent person/s you can make your site or specific pages member only for a time.  Do this by going to the “Control Panel”

Then “Site Pages”  Each Tab will have a “Display Options”   

Look for “View Level” Change this to "Level 2: Associate Access ” then only logged in members can see you page.

Do this to all pages you wish to keep non members out of.


Please do not make your home page member only, how will new users find your site if the home page is for members only?

Note that some Internet Service Providers have multiple users using the same IP address, so it is possible to ban someone you did not intend to.  Please use this tool only as a last resort!  If you are being harassed and the user is violating the Terms of Service, you can contact support for assistance.



You can now also “ignore” a user.   

Ignoring a user will affect you only.


Unfortunately, just like in-game, there are times when you might want to completely ignore someone on your GuildPortal site. You can now do that with the new Ignore List feature.  You can get to your own personal ignore list by clicking on Characters / Settings from any guild page.


Ignored users will not be able to send you web-based e-mail, and their post titles, text and signatures will be replaced with generic "user blocked, post not displayed" text, shouts blocked out as well.