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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: We Are a Multi-Game Guild. Do We Need to Make a GuildPortal Site for Each Game?

It is up to you!  


We have a feature called “Allies” this feature allows you to share forums, and events with other GuildPortal sites.  Or you can use the “Special Interest” Game type and make a more generic game site.


Mostly it will be a personal preference.  Keep in mind we have a free trail so you can play with as many idea as you have till you find one that best fits your needs.


If you use “Special Interest” or "Multi-Game Organisations"as a game type:   Special Interest has a few limitations in it, the roaster in not game specific nor is the news but it does make a very good generic all guild site.  But "Multi-Game Organization" has a place the uses can type in the game they play.


Or you can choose to make multiple GuildPortal sites and user the Allies feature; That way they can feel like they are part of a multi game guild site with the shared forums but still have news, rosters and forums specific for the game they play most often.