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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: What privileges are given to the site members at the various levels?

They can only administer stuff if they have the little boxes checked in their profile from “Site Members”.

Public users can only see information on the site that you (the admin) marked as public.  Associate can only see information on the site that you (the admin)  mark as associate access and public.  Member access can see "member" "associate" and "public" information.  Officer can see officer and lower, super admin can see all information and make most changes..  A user can administrate something if you check the boxes to give them access to administrate it.  with the exception of making a member a "Super Admin" then they can pretty much do what ever they want to the site, included make or deleting other users as super admins.

As an officer they cannot delete you, but if you make them a super admin with “Membership” admin access the "Membership box"  checked then yes they can delete other admins including you or make users admins.

A video is available for this question!