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GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: Will GuildPortal Host My Domain Name?

While GuildPortal is not in the business of selling domain names, if you purchase one from a registrar such as Network Solutions, you can point it to our web server's IP address and, once configured in our control panel, it will direct to your site.  Please note that domain catching is only supported for subscriber guilds.  To configure your domain with GuildPortal after you have it, and to obtain the IP address to use with your domain name registrar, go to the Control Panel and click Domains.

We also offer sub-domains as part of our subscriber packages, which redirect to your guild pages and look like ""

Please be aware that many systems that offer redirection services don't actually do a full redirect, but instead embed the page you want people redirected to inside of an IFrame. This IFrame will periodically show pop-up advertisements to your users, and in addition, can cause security restrictions on most browsers to refuse the ability for you to authenticate (log in) on the site you're visiting. What this means is that using some redirection services will show your users advertisements and make it impossible for them to log on to your guild site.