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Guild Hosting

Just some of our features...

Intuitive Web Site Management

No programming required (but some is possible, if you want it)! Point-and-click tools provide everything an online gaming community needs. You'll never have to write a single line of HTML, CSS, or server-side script. Of course, for those with techy types in the guild, you have the option of using some of these elements to further customize your site.

Tired of being stuck in the 1990's with hosts that don't allow total flexibility as far as what pages you have on your site, what widgets appear on the pages, and where? Use GuildPortal and experience what guild hosts should provide their clients: all the power and control that the best portal sites do!

The most powerful features combined with the friendliest tools, and that's no exaggeration. Compare our community management tools with any content management system on the market, and you'll know how GuildPortal became the Leader in Guild Hosting! Even if you compare our pricing to that of your typical package that gives you nothing more than file space -- requiring you write your own CMS from the ground up -- we still come out on top!

The most active, committed staff in the business. We have been doing this full-time for many years now, and we are continually improving GuildPortal.

Forums With all the bells and whistles!

Your forums come with all the stuff you'd expect, and some things you might not. Did you know you can have GuildPortal automatically send you a text message on your phone when someone replies to a topic you've subscribed to?

All the standard things are there, too, like forum handles (so that people can have a name in the forums that's different from their login name). Members have the ability to upload custom thumbnail images, as well as provide a signature that appears at the bottom of every post. The signature can be an image, custom content, a combination of both, or even generated by our easy-to-use custom signature generator. Voting Polls are easily added to any new topic. Topics can be "sticky" (keeping them at the top of the list), locked (allowing no more posts), subscribed to, and moved to different forums by an admin or moderator.

Forums can have sub-forums. They can be shared with other guilds (if you have an alliance set up in the Control Panel). Custom rank images can be used for the five different "ranks" of posters, the ranks being broken down by number of posts they've made, encouraging participation. Admins can also specify custom rank titles that appear under the rank images, giving recognition for those most active in the forums.

Custom forum images indicate whether a forum has had new topics or replies added since the user last visited the forum. Features "Next Unread," "Mark All Read," and other features you expect from a stand-alone foruming system, all completely integrated into your site, with no additional user account required by your members.

Extended Security allows for Guild Administrators to specify that certain users may have access to moderate individual forums, without giving them administrative rights to other areas of the site.

Raid Calendar For Events, Raids, and Stuff!

Raid sign-ups, accessible directly while viewing an event on the calendar, allow participants to specify ahead of time whether they will be attending the event, giving event coordinators/raid leaders a good idea of the balance of people they'll have available for a given event. They can also select which character they'd like to bring and role they'd like to fill.

DKP/Raid Points system built-in, giving event administrators the ability to reward points for attending events. Integrated with the Bank content type to manage awarding items based upon raid point standings. This system is totally optional, and does not require that your guild implement a raid point/DKP system.

Members who sign up for a raid have the option to be notified via e-mail or their phone when the coordinator of the event changes their status, say from "available" to "confirmed".

Have an alliance with one or more other guilds on GuildPortal? Sharing the event with them (and having it appear on their calendar instantly) is only a matter of a couple of mouse clicks!

Raid start times are shown in the time zone of the viewer, eliminating the problem of people missing a raid over time zone confusion. To further reduce the chance that people will miss a raid, GuildPortal optionally sends out reminders to your e-mail or phone!

Raids let you enter items that dropped during them, and an associated widget called "Most Recent Drops" can be dropped onto any of your site's pages to show what loot your guild has most recently gotten ahold of, and to whom is was awarded.

Custom raid categories provide the ability to give different types of raids their own, unique appearance on the calendar. Customize the border color, background color, text color, and even provide an icon. Additionally, you can customize raid/event locations. Zone not listed, or have a super-secret staging area you like to gather in before heading to the main event? No problem -- add it!

Custom raid roles let you define things beyond the standard "DPS," "Tank," etc. and add things like "Support" or "Buffing." When signing up for an raid, members select from the list of available roles to pick the one they want to fill. Of course, Event Admins can change the roles of any of the sign-ups, if they wish.

Alternate between monthly, weekly, and daily agenda views dynamically, without page refreshes.

Attendance level allows event administrators to specify five levels of participation requirements, ranging from totally optional to mandatory attendance.

For games where it is available, tight integration with the game your guild plays, allowing events to be associated with zones, or areas, within the game your guild plays.

Rosters Some of them automatic!

Standard roster showing all members of the guild, their access level, title, thumbnail image, participation rating, medals, and member-supplied field values custom to the game your guild plays. Member-entered and maintained data shifts the burden of keeping guild roster information up-to-date from a single administrator to the individual members! For some games, however, integration with game publisher web sites (and the use of add-ons) makes this process totally automatic.

Choose from multiple views, including Event Participation and Flag/Key tracking (where applicable to the game your guild plays). Drop the Tradeskill Listing content type onto any of your guild pages to see the level of proficiency characters in your guild have in the various trade skills applicable to your game.

Detailed Character Profiles, showing game-specific data for the characters belonging to members of your guild play. Journal entries provide a way for players to keep track of and publish the ongoing life tales of their characters.

Create Medals with custom images, award them to your members, and drop the Recently Awarded Medals widget on your guild pages. They also show up in your roster, even if it's one that's automatically fetched from your game publisher's web site or an add-on.

Social It's all about Community

Use the Guild Rally widget to contact your members with urgent information. If they've set up their phone information in their profile, they'll receive a text! If not, they'll receive an e-mail.

Guild members automatically have a blog of their own, including a FaceBook-style "Wall" page where they can post status updates, and and "about me" section. Other guild mates visiting a member's site can view and comment on the member's status entries or blog posts. A Status Updates widget is available to be placed on any of your guild web pages, and shows status updates and new blog posts by guild members.

A Most Recent Bloggers widget can be placed on any guild page, showing the latest blog entries made by guild mates. Drop the Needs List content type onto any guild page for a place where guild mates can enter things they want to accomplish in-game. Why bother with an indoor voice when you can use the Shout Box content type, complete with optional alliance sharing?

Achievements Keep your members competing!

Achievements are a visual way to award your members for participating on the site. You can easily create achievements that are auto-awarded when your members participate.

Choose from the different types of actions to reward achievements for, such as: new posts, replies to posts, voting, adding shouts, sending in item requests, reading library articles, adding story chapters, participating in chat, and more.

Set the threshold for awarding, and even have multiple achievement rewards for different thresholds of the same activity. For example, have achievements for 10, 20, 50, and 100 (or however many you want!) posts in the forums.

Add the Achievements widget to any page on your site so people can see who's recently earned them.

Insanely Powerful Customization

Drag-and-drop management of pages and widgets! Widget containers, pages, grid rows -- all are customizable with point-and-click ease, even to the point of selecting colors to generate custom gradient images to serve as backgrounds. Create cool-looking containers (called "Section Wrappers") around your site's navigation, user login/link bar, and content with effects like background transparency, glow or drop shadow effects, and rounded corners.

Using the Banner Generator, you can have a custom image built immediately to your specifications. You're not limited to just your guild's name, either. Enter the text you'd like an image generated for. Select the font name and size you'd like. Select colors for a gradient effect, outline, and glow. Then choose from a list of effects to apply to your banner, including reflection, shadow, filmstrip, glass table, and perspective skew. Combine any (or all) of the above to get the exact graphic you want. It's output as a PNG, so it won't block out any background image you have on your web page!

Provide your own custom images for your banner, page background, forum icons, emoticons (smilies), RSS feeds, post ranks (stars), and other elements of your site. Navigation, depending on your preference, can consist of a simple strip of boxed text underneath your banner, images with different states (current tab vs. non-current), a simple list of pages/options in any of the standard widget containers, or even a modern-looking strip with a gradient overlay consisting of colors of your choosing and glossy effects built to your specifications using our Nav Bar Builder, all with point-and-click ease.

Hawt! If you're the technical type, and you really want to push the limits for a completely customized site, head over to the Custom Code area of the Control Panel. There, provide HTML for your banner area, footer area, widgets. You can even do full page custom HTML and CSS! Used in conjunction with Custom CSS, and now built-in support for jQuery and custom scripting, you can achieve levels of personalization almost unheard of in a CMS -- and certainly not achieved by any other Guild Hosting platform.

Custom CSS doesn't require any file uploading. The Control Panel gives you a powerful editor that even comes with syntax highlighting in auto-indentation.

Every site hosted by GuildPortal automatically includes the jQuery JavaScript library, so that those admins wanting to employ richer functionality via custom animations (or just about anything, there really is no limit) can do so, easily, using the Custom jQuery/Javascript section of the Control Panel.

Voice Servers Ventrilo and Mumble!

Quickly and easily set up and manage your new Ventrilo/Mumble server from the Control Panel, instantly gaining Seamless integration with the Voice Server Status widget for hands-free display of who's online (Ventrilo only, at the moment) and client download/server login information.

Some of the lowest prices you'll find for Ventrilo/Mumble voice servers, anywhere!

Have Allies? Share Stuff!

GuildPortal helps you strengthen your alliances, keeping them from falling apart by keeping you connected! Share forums, raids, and shouts with allied guilds. Individual items are shared, except in the case of shouts. For example, if you are allied with three other guilds, you can selectively share an event with whichever of those guilds you like (you are not required to share with all or none), and the same goes with forums. With shouts, however, you have the option to share your guild's shouts (and in return, see the shouts of the guild you're sharing with), or not.

Make alliances with multiple guilds, sharing content across as many (or few) of them as you want. GuildPortal does not force a structure on your alliances in any way, nor is alliance functionality in any way hampered based upon the subscription status (free, paid, whatever) of any -- or all -- guilds in your alliance.

Each guild in an alliance maintains its own content and members, eliminating the need for an extra web site just for the alliance, while preserving their own identity.

Voting Features Let the people be heard!

Voting polls can be truly stand-alone, meaning you do not need to bury them inside a forum topic. However, if you want to, you are able to attach a poll to a topic.

Polls can be set to allow votes/viewing by site access level, and results are visible from the poll itself, even if it's attached to a forum topic.

Multi-choice polls are supported, too!

Gallery For Your Pix

Approved members can upload images to the gallery with no intervention required by a guild administrator, though administrators have the option of disabling member uploads.

The Image Gallery widget displays images in a random sequence.

Chat Without Firewall Troubles!

Conduct meetings or strike up a conversation with people online with our AJAX-based chat, which is fully web-based, requiring no Java runtime, and nothing to install. You won't need to worry about firewalls, either!

Chat in the guild lobby, or on-one-on with another guildie.

Community Participation Awards

Graphical indicators for people who participate regularly, encouraging your members to stay active on your site and keep up on guild happenings. Post counts, titles, "stars," ranks.

Participation rating based upon posts, event sign-ups, voting, and other activities. Can be reset at any time the administrators decide to "level the playing field."

Top 5, Bottom 5 widgets that can be placed anywhere on your guild pages.

Create medals and award them to members for deeds or participation, with custom images that show up on your roster!

Members can also earn GuildPortal-awarded achievements!

Banking Widget

Categories of items custom to the game your guild plays, with custom fields based upon the item type in the game (ie, Range may apply to Missle Weapons but not to Melee Weapons. Items provide standard fields for quantity, current location (in-game), comments.

Members can submit item requests, which is integrated with the web-based mail system by sending requests with single-click approve/deny for bank administrators.

Guild Funds tracking, with currency types defined by the game your guild plays. Transaction history to track where guild funds go, what they're used for, and associated comments.

Integrated Web-based Mail

Tight integration with the rest of your site. If you see a member name, click it and then it's one simple click to send a private message, and new mail notification displays on all guild pages.

Inbox shows all mail waiting for you, with icons showing whether you've read each message, a subject header, who it was from, and when it was sent. Sent Items shows messages you've sent that haven't been deleted. Messages indicate whether the person you sent it to has read it yet and, if so, when they read it.

Custom Folders help keep your messages organized. Address Book shows all members of all guilds that you're a member of, providing a central location to send web-based mail.

Extensible Mods System

Browse, search, and install mods that have been created by other GuildPortal site admins. Mods can affect things like the behavior of your site, add effects, or even be entirely new widgets to add to our already huge selection!

Create your own mods and share them with others!

And More .. A whole lot more!

Automatically generated and mailed newsletters, guild rules, quotes, recruiting tools, who's online, embedded pages, custom text/html, automatic Aion roster integration, Aion lgeion summary widget, Aion search widget, Aion server info widget, World of Warcraft direct integration for automatic roster data gathering, World of Warcraft server status widget, EverQuest 2 automatic roster integration, Rift item tooltips powered by ZAM, Rift roster integration via the in-game /dumpguild command, complete Rift database/news search powered by ZAM, Star Wars: The Old Republic item tooltips powered by Torhead, SW:ToR search, SW:ToR server status with current population. LOTRO item tooltips, automatic roster integration, and server status.

... and tons more. Check out our widget listing to the right, or jump in and create your new guild website now!

Lotsa Widgets!


Displays recent achievements awarded to members of the site, based on participation and configurable by site admins.

Activity Wall

New! Shows recent activity and allows members to post to it and comment on posts.

Add-On Roster for World of Warcraft

Allows guilds hosted at to upload guild information to keep rosters up to date, using the GuildPortal GP Helper Add-On.

Aion Abyss Status

Shows the Abyss status of a guild's server.

Aion Legion Summary

Displays summary information about the legion, utilizing automatic data enabled via Aion Integration in the control panel.

Aion Search

Search for information on AION.

Aion Server Info

Displays a break-down of classes and factions for your Aion server.

Armory Roster for WoW

Automatically gets roster from the World of Warcraft Armory.

Auto-Roster for EverQuest 2

Connects to SOE servers to retrieve and render EQ2-supplied guild rosters. Must know the XML path.

Auto-Roster for Vanguard

Connects to SOE servers to retrieve and render Vanguard XML rosters.

Available Achievements and Medals

Shows available guild achievements, medals, and GuildPortal achievements.


The Guild Bank application.

Calendar - Enhanced

Calendar with date selection controls on the right and the day's hourly breakdown on the left. Allows viewing of sign-ups for all guilds in an alliance. Recommended placement in the center pane only.


A chat room where guild members can talk to each other in near real-time.

CoH Server Status

A listing of City of Heroes servers and their status, updated every 15 minutes.

Crafting Marketplace

Members can enter orders for crafters in the guild to fulfill, with complete workflow tracking!

DAOC Server Status

A server status listing for Dark Age of Camelot.

DAOC Server Status (Europe)

Connects to Mythic's servers to retrieve the status of the European servers.

DAOC Spells Database

A searchable database of DAOC spells.


Connects to Mythic's Servers to retrieve the guild roster.

Embedded Page

An embedded page that will load in its own window, within the page.

EQ News Feed

Provides news directly from EverQuest's Live site.

EQ Roster Dump

A view of the roster file that is exported from EverQuest and uploaded to GuildPortal in plain text format.

EQ2 Server Status

Displays the server status for the server your EQ2 guild plays on.

EQOA News Feed

Provides news directly from EQOA Live.

Facebook Like

A Facebook "like" link for users to click when they like your site.

FFXIV YellowGremlin Search

Provides a quick way to search the YellowGremlin FFXIV database!


A full foruming solution.

Free Form Text/HTML

An area containing custom text/HTML.

Game Guides

Member-submitted player guides for the MMORPGs supported by GuildPortal.

Game News

Game news for the game your guild plays.

Guild Alliance Links

Shows a listing of Allies also using GuildPortal

Guild Funds

The Guild Funds app.

Guild Summary

Shows a tree-view of the guild's portal structure.

Image Gallery

Lists images in the gallery.

Image Gallery: Large

Large image gallery.


Full web-based mail system for your users.

Info Sections

Lists articles.

Keys/Flags for Characters

A listing of flags/keys for your game. Shows characters in your guild who have the keys or who do not have them, depending on the selected view.


Categorized library articles.

Links - Categorized List

Links grouped by customizable categories.

Links - Single List

A series of hyperlinks to web destinations or images that administrators have entered for the guild. Clicking on a hyperlink in this box will open the destination URL in a new window.

LOTRO Server Status

Displays status for LOTRO servers.

Medals - Recent Awards

Lists medals that have been awarded to guild members in the past 30 days.

Member of the Month

Displays and allows people to vote on the Member of the Month

Members - Least Active

Lists your 5 least active users.

Members - Most Active

Lists your top 5 members by activity rating.

Members - Participation Ratings

A listing of all members and their participation ratings on the site.

Members - Tradeskills

Shows tradeskills that members of the guild have. This content type is display-only and does not have an editor.

Needs List

A database of guild member needs, with the ability to schedule events.

Newest Members

Display the most recent members added to the site.

News Box - Large

Lists most recent 5 news items. Archived news, RSS feed, member news submission (subject to News Admin approval), categories of news items (with associated images), configurable number of items to display.

News Box - Small

Lists most recent 5 news items. Archived news, RSS feed, member news submission (subject to News Admin approval), categories of news items (with associated images), configurable number of items to display.

Officer Contact List

A listing of officers in the guild, with names clickable to provide an easy way to send messages.

Page View Counter

A counter that displays the number of times the page it's on has been viewed.

PayPal Donate Button

Lets members easily donate to your PayPal account.


Customizable raid/game progression that lets visitors and your members see where you are in the game.


A large quests box, displaying information on all quests entered for your guild, with the ability for users to mark steps of quests completed.


A box that randomly displays one of the admin-entered quotes with the name of the author listed below the quote.

Raid Point Standings

A listing of all guild members and their current raid points (DKP).

Raid/Op Groups List

Displays raid/ops groups.

Rally the Guild!

Allows admins to rally members of the guild through e-mail and text messaging.

Random Categorized Image

Displays a random image from a listing of those that were created via a Categorized Images content type.

Random Member

Displays a random member, with their forum image and optional biography

Random Thumbnails

Random Thumbnails are images that are displayed randomly in their content box, and are useful for things such as member screenshots. It is recommended that you keep the images scaled to a standard size.

Recent Bloggers

A listing of recent blog entries made by members of the guild.

Recent Posts Stand-Alone

A standalone content type that functions the same as the "most recent posts" area underneath the forums, but which can be placed on any guild page, apart from the forums themselves.

Recent Raid Drops

Shows a listing of items recently obtained during raids.

Recent Topics Stand-Alone

Displays the most recently-added topics (or threads) to your forums.

Recruiting (Customizable)

Recruiting widget with highly flexible customization options.

Recruiting Information

Displays information on what classes the guild is recruiting.

Rift Addons: Hottest

Displays the hottest Rift add-ons.

Rift Addons: Newest

Displays the newest Rift add-ons.

Rift Guild Perks

Set and display the perks your guild has worked for.

Rift Search

Search ZAM Rift News, Forums and Wiki!

Rift Server Status

Shows the status of the guild's selected Rift server.


Default rostering system provided by GuildPortal. Some games may have alternate rostering systems.

RSS Feed

Displays items from a remote RSS 2.0 feed.

Shout Box

Lets associates and higher shout.

Small Events List

A widget that will display upcoming events in different ways, depending on where it is placed on a page. If in the center, a weekly calendar view will be shown. If on the sides, a simple list is.

Star Wars: ToR Search Box by Torhead

Provides a nifty interface for searching ZAM's Torhead database and accessing other useful tools.

Star Wars: ToR Server Status

Displays the up/down status of your Star Wars: The Old Republic server.

Status Updates

See what everyone is up to! The most recent activity on the site, including notices when your members post on their personal sites/blogs!


Allows members to read fiction submitted by other members, as well as adding their own. Breaks up stories by author, and allows individual editing/adding of chapters.

Tera Server Status

Displays Tera server status.

Top Mods

Displays top mods.

Twitter Feed

A Twitter feed, showing the latest activity from a Twitter user. Does not work with private Twitter accounts.

Voice Server Status: GuildPortal

Shows voice chat server status, for supported voice chat providers or custom script.

Voice Server: Status Other

Hosts script provided by the host of your voice server to display status information

Voting Admins Listing

A box that lists the members of your site that have access to administer voting polls.

Voting Polls - Large

A large box, where users can view open polls, view choices, and place their votes. Suitable for display in the main pane.

Voting Polls - Small

Allows users to vote on polls they haven't voted on yet.

Warhammer Server Status

Shows online/offlines status for Warhammer servers.

Welcome Message

A free-form text/html box for entering a welcome message that you would like visible to anybody visiting your site.

Who's Online

Lists members that are currently logged in.

WoW Server Status

Displays the status of your WoW game server. Choose between alliance or horde skins. Ranking

Shows the guild's ranking.

XML/XSL Transformation

Provided a path to both an XML file and an XSL stylesheet, transforms a document and outputs the results to the browser.