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The end of an era…


This post is dedicated to TH as a whole


After 5 years, 3 major horde guilds, many hours of good PVP and PVE fun with plenty of added banter to go with it all Supreme Voodoo are migrating to a new realm.


We have been members of the TH community since the old school days starting in the Seer council at first then Ultionis, confession and then when I took charge Supreme Voodoo.


Basically to sum up why we are moving, it’s because of the stupid unrelenting lag which is ruining the game experience for many of us. Add into account the low population on horde with the ratio of 3:1 and the lack of competent raiding guilds this side it makes recruitment harder than ever. So we discussed it and called the vote, it turns out the majority of the raid are prepared to move right away. So that’s what was planning to do.


The server we picked is Deathwing PVP. It’s got nicer horde ratio alot like TH but hopefully with a different raiding environment the guild will have better luck with recruits and perform as well as we all know it can.


So a big thank you to all the Hordies and Alliance we have had the pleasure of playing with over the years and to all the guilds that are still going.


The guild will be doing some random stuff on our last day here maybe a raid or 2 on alliance towns etc. The move is planned for Friday evening 5th March.


We will miss all of you, some more than others but hay it’s all part of the TH community that we all loved over the years. Feel free to drop by Deathwing and say hi anytime.

Farseer- Guild Master of supreme Voodoo
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