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..Redemptiiion.. ShaiyaTeos1
.No_Fear. ShaiyaTeos3
Abandonment ShaiyaTeos1
Abondment ShaiyaTeos1
Andastre HellAngels ShaiyaTeos15
April Devine ShaiyaTeos1
Assassians_Of_Light ShaiyaTeos1
Assassins Of Light ShaiyaTeos3
Bad Influence ShaiyaTeos1
Blood Lust ShaiyaTeos39
Blood Shot ShaiyaTeos4
BlooD_ThirstY ShaiyaTeos5
BlooD-ThirstY ShaiyaTeos24
Bushido Knights ShaiyaTeos17
Children of Mailce ShaiyaTeos1
Children Of Malice ShaiyaTeos13
Corruption ShaiyaTeos1
Crayola ShaiyaTeos1
Dark Drifters ShaiyaTeos3
Dark Utopia ShaiyaTeos1
Dark.Army ShaiyaTeos1
DarkLight ShaiyaTeos4
-Devil- ShaiyaTeos2
DoomSquad Elite ShaiyaTeos24
Elite.Enforcers ShaiyaTeos1
EmpireOfSteel ShaiyaTeos2
Evolution ShaiyaTeos42
Fawesome Squshys ShaiyaTeos3
Foresaken.Soldiers ShaiyaTeos11
Forsaken ShaiyaTeos1
Furies Finest ShaiyaTeos1
GameOver ShaiyaTeos1
Good Times ShaiyaTeos1
Guild_Name ShaiyaTeos1
GuiltyGear ShaiyaTeos12
Haunted.Heroes ShaiyaTeos11
Healin_Raines ShaiyaTeos11
Hot.Entertainment ShaiyaTeos1
Hot.EnterTainment. ShaiyaTeos1
House of Legends ShaiyaTeos3
Images ShaiyaTeos1
Infinity7 ShaiyaTeos1
Killer Nightmares ShaiyaTeos1
KindomOfDarkness ShaiyaTeos1
KingdomOfDarkness ShaiyaTeos4
League Of Lights ShaiyaTeos2
Legion of Justice ShaiyaTeos1
LighT-Lions ShaiyaTeos2
Lovers ShaiyaTeos3
MageGuild ShaiyaTeos1
No Namers ShaiyaTeos1
Nova7 ShaiyaTeos1
Oblivion Death Reapers ShaiyaTeos1
Onyx_Eclipse ShaiyaTeos41
Owned By ShaiyaTeos1
-PoordDuvels- ShaiyaTeos5
Prokiller ShaiyaTeos1
Prophecy ShaiyaTeos1
Raging Chaos ShaiyaTeos4
Reign_Of_Fury ShaiyaTeos1
Retribution ShaiyaTeos1
RunOrDie ShaiyaTeos17
Shadow Hearts ShaiyaTeos1
SideBySide ShaiyaTeos61
Silver Bullet ShaiyaTeos5
Supremacy ShaiyaTeos1
Supremacy Guild ShaiyaTeos4
T.E.M.I.D.O.S ShaiyaTeos1
Templars of Destruction ShaiyaTeos1
Temple Of Judgment ShaiyaTeos10
Testing3467 ShaiyaTeos1
The 5th Element ShaiyaTeos13
The Blessed Knights ShaiyaTeos1
The Devoted ShaiyaTeos19
The Golden Age ShaiyaTeos1
The Grateful Dead Minion ShaiyaTeos2
The Legendary Warriors ShaiyaTeos2
The Nameless ShaiyaTeos3
The Underworlds Royalty ShaiyaTeos12
The.pirates ShaiyaTeos8
Twisted_Dreams ShaiyaTeos4
Uasal Laochra ShaiyaTeos3
Ultimates ShaiyaTeos1
Unity ShaiyaTeos76
UrBeingStalkedBy ShaiyaTeos1
Virus ShaiyaTeos11
Walking Battle ShaiyaTeos5
WarriorsElite ShaiyaTeos19
Wrath of the Fallen ShaiyaTeos2
X Rated Pixels ShaiyaTeos1
You Got Fondled By ShaiyaTeos1
You_Got_Fondled_By ShaiyaTeos27