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[East Server] Eternia VindictusEast15
_ Eon _ VindictusEast12
{East Server} Death match VindictusEast15
~Final~ VindictusEast19
~Silence~ VindictusEast10
A Rocket To The Moon VindictusEast16
Ad Libitum VindictusEast1
Agarest VindictusEast7
Arcanivous VindictusEast1
ArchDemons VindictusEast1
Ascendant Justice VindictusEast1
asd VindictusEast1
Authentic VindictusEast16
Avalonia VindictusEast1
Black Mist Eden VindictusEast3
Blood King VindictusEast2
BlueFire VindictusEast1
BlueHouse VindictusEast1
Born 4 war VindictusEast1
Butterfly VindictusEast2
Catharsis VindictusEast1
ChaosLegion VindictusEast1
Charybdis VindictusEast1
Crimson Falcon VindictusEast1
Damage VindictusEast4
Dark Desires VindictusEast13
Debauchery VindictusEast1
Denouement VindictusEast16
DiesIrae VindictusEast3
DotHackers VindictusEast2
Edge of Eternity VindictusEast1
EndBringers VindictusEast1
Eon VindictusEast1
Eternia VindictusEast1
EvilBringers ClanGroupsEast1
evileye VindictusEast1
Excelion VindictusEast1
Exodus VindictusEast53
Fallen VindictusEast13
Fallen Requiem VindictusEast3
Fatal Uprising VindictusEast9
Fire Starter VindictusEast1
Guardians of Asgaard VindictusEast2
Heaven and Earth VindictusEast1
Hyperion VindictusEast1
Inner Sanctum Guild VindictusEast1
Insomniac VindictusEast3
Inverness VindictusEast1
IronWill VindictusEast1
Jinsoku VindictusEast1
Khaos Guardians VindictusEast5
KKK VindictusEast1
Knights VindictusEast17
Knights Impurity VindictusEast1
Lords of Anarchy VindictusEast1
Lucid Dreamers VindictusEast4
Midnite Symphony VindictusEast2
morrighan VindictusEast1
NAE VindictusEast1
Noire VindictusEast210
NowOffline VindictusEast54
OceanRaiders VindictusEast5
Order of Honor VindictusEast1
Outcasts VindictusEast1
Overlords of War VindictusEast2
OverRated VindictusEast24
Paramour VindictusEast1
Pillar of Wisdom VindictusEast3
Pure Engagement VindictusEast1
Radiant VindictusEast1
Redeemers VindictusEast3
Restless VindictusEast1
Rise VindictusEast13
SaintsOfEternity VindictusEast1
Salvation VindictusEast1
Serendipity~ VindictusEast1
Serene VindictusEast1
Severance Guild VindictusEast3
Sexy Pirates VindictusEast1
ShinRa Inc. VindictusEast35
Slaughter VindictusEast1
Sons of Anarchy VindictusEast1
Soul Of Chaos VindictusEast1
Spetnaz VindictusEast1
Straw Hat Ninja VindictusEast1
Straw Hat Ninjas VindictusEast1
Symphony VindictusEast6
Test Toons VindictusEast1
The Core VindictusEast3
The Kicked VindictusEast6
Tiendas de Ropa Online VindictusEast1
TiL I DiE VindictusEast3
Triumphant VindictusEast9
Twisted Fate VindictusEast1
Unknown Blades VindictusEast26
Van Helsing Corporation VindictusEast1
Vigilante VindictusEast2
VindicatedSouls VindictusEast1
Vindictus Playboys VindictusEast1
Virose Rosettes VindictusEast1
WeekendWarriorz VindictusEast2
Welcome Lucid Dreamers! VindictusEast1
Wet Dreamz VindictusEast5
Wired VindictusEast11
xKiller Instinctx VindictusEast12
xKillerInstinctx VindictusEast2