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Absolute Knights ShaiyaGaia10
ActiveDV8 ShaiyaGaia1
Affliction ShaiyaGaia2
Arise From The Ashes ShaiyaGaia1
Art of War ShaiyaGaia1
Art-of-War ShaiyaGaia1
Assassin Brotherhood ShaiyaGaia2
auroraknights ShaiyaGaia1
B.l.u.e.P.h.o.e.n.i.x. ShaiyaGaia2
Bad Influence ShaiyaGaia21
BeautyAndHerBeast ShaiyaGaia5
Black Angels ShaiyaGaia3
Bloody Mercenaries ShaiyaGaia3
Bounty Hunter ShaiyaGaia33
Breezer ShaiyaGaia2
BULGARIA ShaiyaGaia1
Dark_Angels ShaiyaGaia1
Death Sentence ShaiyaGaia2
Death.Reapers ShaiyaGaia1
Defenders Of Gods ShaiyaGaia2
Devotion ShaiyaGaia6
Diablo ShaiyaGaia7
Disciples Of Disorder ShaiyaGaia7
Disconnected ShaiyaGaia28
DivintyAngels ShaiyaGaia1
ElStupiDos ShaiyaGaia1
Endless-Time ShaiyaGaia1
Eternal Defect ShaiyaGaia26
Evolution ShaiyaGaia1
Family Matters ShaiyaGaia1
Family United ShaiyaGaia7
Forbidden Revenge ShaiyaGaia5
Forgotten Legacy ShaiyaGaia1
Forlorn Lagacy ShaiyaGaia1
Gaia Alliance Leadership ShaiyaGaia1
Garuda Asia ShaiyaGaia3
Gits-N-Shiggles ShaiyaGaia9
-Guardians- ShaiyaGaia1
guildtestEC ShaiyaGaia1
Havoc ShaiyaGaia1
Hellz_Fury ShaiyaGaia13
Immortal Myst ShaiyaGaia1
Infamous ShaiyaGaia2
Iron.Fury ShaiyaGaia2
JAZZ ShaiyaGaia5
Jedi Mind Tricks ShaiyaGaia1
Just Blessed ShaiyaGaia25
K.I.L.L.E.R.L.O.R.D ShaiyaGaia1
KillOnSight ShaiyaGaia2
Knights Of Shaiya ShaiyaGaia11
Legacy ShaiyaGaia15
LordsOfTheFallen ShaiyaGaia2
Loser ShaiyaGaia22
Lunar Warroirs ShaiyaGaia3
Malicious Behavior ShaiyaGaia1
mohamed_aly ShaiyaGaia1
MoonTree ShaiyaGaia3
MY-CANTA ShaiyaGaia2
Mystic Heroes ShaiyaGaia7
N.O.R.A ShaiyaGaia1
Necrotic Dreams ShaiyaGaia1
Nemesis ShaiyaGaia1
OganazationXIII ShaiyaGaia1
Old School ShaiyaGaia58
Pax Novinium ShaiyaGaia2
Primal Instinct ShaiyaGaia1
Prophecy ShaiyaGaia1
Razors Edge Guild ShaiyaGaia297
--Real Death-- ShaiyaGaia1
Reawdawd ShaiyaGaia1
ReborN ShaiyaGaia1
-Reborn- ShaiyaGaia1
RomaniaFury ShaiyaGaia1
R-O-T ShaiyaGaia1
s_a_m_e_h_ ShaiyaGaia1
-Saints-N-Sinners- ShaiyaGaia1
SAMEH_M2000 ShaiyaGaia1
Shadow_L0rds ShaiyaGaia1
Shaiya Twlilight ShaiyaGaia1
Side By Side ShaiyaGaia1
SmokeyTokers ShaiyaGaia13
Souls Of Light ShaiyaGaia18
Steel Spirits ShaiyaGaia11
Stoners Circle ShaiyaGaia14
Strike Back ShaiyaGaia1
Suck It ShaiyaGaia1
Sun_of_Hope ShaiyaGaia6
SupremosSemPiedade ShaiyaGaia1
Tale of Terror ShaiyaGaia1
TEAMA_SAM ShaiyaGaia1
The Companions ShaiyaGaia1
The Guild Leaders Retreat "... ShaiyaGaia1
The Kings of The Dragons ShaiyaGaia1
The Last Battalion ShaiyaGaia1
The New Association ShaiyaGaia16
The Outcast ShaiyaGaia2
The Outcasts ShaiyaGaia1
The Owl's Nest ShaiyaGaia1
TheDamnedArchers ShaiyaGaia7
TheDamnedOnes ShaiyaGaia1
Tropa de Elite ShaiyaGaia1
TruBlood ShaiyaGaia20
-Trust is Dust- ShaiyaGaia6
Untold Legends ShaiyaGaia1
Vanguard ShaiyaGaia1
Vex and Siolence ShaiyaGaia2
Villanousity Heroes ShaiyaGaia1
Well, Hello ShaiyaGaia47
World of Shaiya ShaiyaGaia1
xXChaosTheoryXx ShaiyaGaia8
XxShinra-TenseixX ShaiyaGaia1
ZOO ShaiyaGaia1