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....xXx.... ShaiyaLailah21
.Kassars. ShaiyaLailah1
~Defiance~ ShaiyaLailah42
9th Gate Minions ShaiyaLailah1
Anarchy ShaiyaLailah1
AngryLights ShaiyaLailah1
Ap0CaLyPsE ShaiyaLailah1
Attention Deficit ShaiyaLailah3
Bad-Company ShaiyaLailah1
bareprove ShaiyaLailah2
Black Espada ShaiyaLailah1
BlackHearts ShaiyaLailah25
Bloody Mary ShaiyaLailah1
Bodhisattva ShaiyaLailah77
BoondockSaints FUCKING FAIL... ShaiyaLailah1
Bound_By_Blood ShaiyaLailah1
BoundByBlood ShaiyaLailah1
Bulgaria ShaiyaLailah1
Carpe-Diem ShaiyaLailah2
catAstrOpe ShaiyaLailah1
Caution-Dangerous ShaiyaLailah13
Crescent Red ShaiyaLailah3
Crimson_Blades ShaiyaLailah4
-Crit Hapens- ShaiyaLailah1
Cryptic Knights ShaiyaLailah11
CrypticSouls ShaiyaLailah1
Dark Knights ShaiyaLailah1
DarkVengance ShaiyaLailah4
Defiance ShaiyaLailah1
Demolition ShaiyaLailah1
Demons-Of-Heaven ShaiyaLailah2
Devil Dogs ShaiyaLailah1
Divine Syndicate ShaiyaLailah3
Divinity ShaiyaLailah1
DTF ShaiyaLailah1
Elves Prophecy ShaiyaLailah1
Elves_Gone_Wild ShaiyaLailah214
Enforcers_inactive ShaiyaLailah14
Eruption ShaiyaLailah6
Eternal_Darkage ShaiyaLailah1
Example1 ShaiyaLailah1
Eyes of the Goddess ShaiyaLailah1
F.E.A.R ShaiyaLailah2
fghfghfghfgh ShaiyaLailah1
FlyingPigs ShaiyaLailah5
FlyingPigs (1-15) ShaiyaLailah8
Fogotten.Souls ShaiyaLailah1
godspath ShaiyaLailah1
GOSH ShaiyaLailah21
Guild of F.E.A.R ShaiyaLailah3
H2K ShaiyaLailah1
I Wipe My Hair ShaiyaLailah1
Ignis Divine ShaiyaLailah4
Kings Landing ShaiyaLailah1
Knight pack of Wolves ShaiyaLailah1
Knights Legacy ShaiyaLailah1
Knights of Acheron ShaiyaLailah29
Ledgend Protectors ShaiyaLailah2
Lightfleet ShaiyaLailah1
Lords and Ladies ShaiyaLailah1
Lost Legacy ShaiyaLailah1
LostLegacy ShaiyaLailah1
Mad House ShaiyaLailah2
Malice in Wonderland ShaiyaLailah1
Misguided Ghosts ShaiyaLailah1
OMG ShaiyaLailah136
OrganizationXIII ShaiyaLailah1
Prodigal ShaiyaLailah10
Psychotic ShaiyaLailah1
-RAWR- ShaiyaLailah1
REDRUM ShaiyaLailah1
Requiem ShaiyaLailah1
RiseAgainst ShaiyaLailah1
Sanctuary ShaiyaLailah1
Scandalous ShaiyaLailah1
ShanesRenegades ShaiyaLailah10
SilverSoul ShaiyaLailah1
-STORM- ShaiyaLailah25
SupremeS ShaiyaLailah1
testing ShaiyaLailah1
The Black Dragons ShaiyaLailah1
The Companions ShaiyaLailah1
The Dark Storm ShaiyaLailah19
The Elite Knights ShaiyaLailah29
The GodFatherz ShaiyaLailah9
The Prodigal Army ShaiyaLailah1
The True Ones ShaiyaLailah1
The_Dark_Fear ShaiyaLailah2
The-AfterLife ShaiyaLailah99
TheBloodGuard ShaiyaLailah1
-TheBloodGuard- ShaiyaLailah1
ThreeStarsAndASun ShaiyaLailah1
UchihaClan ShaiyaLailah4
Underworld ShaiyaLailah7
Unholy Bastards ShaiyaLailah1
Union Of Moons ShaiyaLailah1
Union-Kings-Ro ShaiyaLailah1
VIGIL Guild ShaiyaLailah1
Vindicated ShaiyaLailah3
Warriors And Rebels ShaiyaLailah1
Warriors of ETAIN ShaiyaLailah1
WE GOT CANDY ShaiyaLailah9
Wiccans ShaiyaLailah2
WICKED ShaiyaLailah1
WolfPack ShaiyaLailah35
XxFORSAKENxX ShaiyaLailah1