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Deep Impact TeraLive51
5thVanguard TeraLive3
absolution TeraLive7
Adventure Incorporated TeraLive5
Afterglow TeraLive1
Aggro Management TeraLive3
Agony TeraLive1
Altered Chaos TeraLive1
Angeles Caidos TeraLive7
Anomalous TeraLive3
Argonian Letum TeraLive25
Arise TeraLive1
Astrolabium TeraLive1
Aurora Angels TeraLive1
Balders Aftermath TeraLive1
BEATER TeraLive1
Big Ass Monsters TeraLive8
Big Bad Wolves TeraLive1
Biohazard TeraLive4
Black Carnival TeraLive1
BLAST TeraLive6
Blessed Warfare TeraLive1
Bloodlys TeraLive1
Boats and Hoes TeraLive1
Brute Squad TeraLive1
Bucket Full of Retards TeraLive1
Bunny Girls TeraLive1
CenturionsWorldwideMC TeraLive1
Chaos Coalition TeraLive1
Clutch TeraLive1
Crusaders TeraLive1
CRUX TeraLive1
Curse TeraLive30
CustomTheme TeraLive1
Cynyx TeraLive1
Dawns Light TeraLive36
Death and Taxes TeraLive1
Death Is Eternal TeraLive1
Dejavu TeraLive2
Demolition TeraLive1
DemonSeed TeraLive1
Determination TeraLive1
District Twelve TeraLive2
Divinus Domei TeraLive3
Dominance TeraLive25
Dragon Noir TeraLive1
Dressed to Kill TeraLive3
Dunkle W├Ąchter TeraLive1
Dying Breath TeraLive2
Dying Whisper TeraLive1
EDGE TeraLive3
EdgeDF TeraLive1
Elin Prostitution Ring TeraLive1
Elinmonogatari TeraLive1
Elogium TeraLive1
Enlighted One TeraLive1
enraged TeraLive11
Eternal TeraLive1
Exceeds TeraLive1
Fairy Tail TeraLive1
Fairy Tale TeraLive1
Fairytail TeraLive1
FairyTailTera TeraLive1
Forsaken Demigods TeraLive1
Futile Perfection TeraLive1
Gravehide TeraLive2
Guardians of Eventide TeraLive7
HYP TeraLive1
Illusion of Reality TeraLive14
Immortal Knights TeraLive1
Incessant Assailant TeraLive3
Incorruptible TeraLive1
Incubus TeraLive1
Infinitum Discordia TeraLive28
Inquisidores TeraLive1
Insurrection TeraLive1
Joyeria de Plata TeraLive1
Knights of Altana TeraLive1
Last Light (tempest reach) TeraLive15
Lateralus TeraLive1
Le Refuge TeraLive10
Leather And Lace TeraLive1
Legendary Lolicons TeraLive2
legion of doom eu TeraLive1
Leviathan TeraLive2
Likes Pie TeraLive12
Lion Order TeraLive6
Liverfail TeraLive1
living legendz TeraLive4
lol TeraLive1
Loli Gaggers TeraLive6
Malice TeraLive1
Masquerade TeraLive1
Massacre Academy TeraLive1
Masters and Mystics TeraLive1
Meow TeraLive8
Modus Vivendi TeraLive4
Mythril Musketeers TeraLive3
Nice One TeraLive2
No Bads TeraLive1
Nocturnal TeraLive25
Nocturne TeraLive1
Occultus TeraLive1
One Last Stand TeraLive1
Order of the Azul Blade TeraLive1
Over Nine Thousand TeraLive1
Paragon Stars TeraLive3
Phoenix Order TeraLive1
Praetorian Guard TeraLive1
Probability of Win TeraLive1
Prophecy TeraLive1
Pulse TeraLive1
Rage TeraLive2
Raven TeraLive1
redfore TeraLive1
Requiem TeraLive4
resolute TeraLive11
Retaliation TeraLive1
Retribution TeraLive1
Rising Moon TeraLive6
RomanianBestTeam TeraLive1
Ryozanpaku TeraLive3
Sedition TeraLive1
Seekers of Light TeraLive1
Server Police TeraLive2
Silver Eyed Witches TeraLive7
Sixth Seal TeraLive1
Social TeraLive1
Synarchy TeraLive16
Syndicate TeraLive7
TARDIS TeraLive11
Tension TeraLive1
TERA Guild Fansite TeraLive1
TERAble Players TeraLive2
Terastone TeraLive1
Terra Nova TeraLive1
Terror TeraLive1
The Council TeraLive5
The Dark Brotherhood TeraLive1
The Dedicated Few TeraLive45
The Fifth TeraLive1
The Fifth Element TeraLive39
The Group TeraLive1
The Guild TeraLive1
the immortals TeraLive1
The Imperium TeraLive1
The Invincibles TeraLive1
The Last Shadow TeraLive1