NOTICE GuildPortal will be going offline (permanently) by the end of the month.


What they say about our guild web site hosting

Quick response with extra helpful information. Very good!

Lyonardo, 1/12/2012

GuildPortal is extremely useful to me, it takes a lot of the hassle of putting a guild site together out of the equation. It allows me to focus on the details rather than the overall scope and allows me to work on the guild itself.

Riek, 6/17/2011

Guildportal provides me with excellent quality tools with which to create my website, quick service if and when i have problems with my website and a stable service. In over 3 years of use my website has never suffered any loss of what i have created.

Bolvirth, The Volunteer Militia 10/14/2011

Quick and good response. Very happy, indeed :)

Trakon, 12/6/2011

Woo! Thank you so much for solving my issue! The service was extremely fast and my issue was resolved wonderfully.

Atel, 12/4/2011

I love Guildportal. The site allows me to customize almost every little detail of my site and make it more themed for our guild. It allows us to express ourselves not only through how we post in the forums, but the design of our guild site. We can actually make it attractive for anyone curious about our guild.

Gromil, Negative Impact

Thanks so much! I had guessed my request couldn't be granted, but support offerend an alternative that solved my problem! That's something I love about GuildPortal, that other sites don't offer. Security and integrity of the sites that are put up are maintained. Thanks so much!!!

Lirren54, 11/8/2011

awesome service! fast and was able to assist with no problems.

Banefoul, 10/7/2011

The best for guild site hosting.

Liquidblade.Runner of Legion Tribe

GuildPortal allows us to communicate with one another about Raids and Group get togethers, as well as just random things we talk about.

Kelveir of Suicide Squad

We love it. Thanks for all the hard work!

Kaylee99 of The Looters Guild

I really like guild portal, we are using many features to help our guild run more efficiently.

Guvnar of Oceanic

I have created many guild websites, for myself but mostly for others, I have used for years then moved onto however, nothing against these other two sites, GuildPortal has way more to offer and just alone with your guilds name in front of it is so easy to remember. Anyhow before I babble on to much just want to say GuildPortal - give it a try-you'll LOVE IT.

CrazieDave of RIFT: Death's Calling

Guildportal is not only the best solution, it's the only reasonable solution.

-=Sage=- of Wolfpack

Quick, no hassle help. They knew exactly how to help me. Thanks!

Chewie, 7/19/2011

I've been very pleased with's level of sevice over the years. Their site has been easy to use for those without any substantial level of knowledge or experience in web site programming. The Frequently Asked Questions and technical support forums have been a great resource for assitance and guidance.'s staff is exceptionally helpful in responding quickly, courteously, and with helpful information each and every single time I've needed.

Biertrinker, 6/13/2011

I love this site, the themes are amazing.

MaraOOC, Vampire Ages

Best site I have used it has it all, and Mottie.

Lidesh, Hell Raiderz

GP provides a great service and experience for all our guild members. the easy to understand features make connecting with guild members so simple.

Jaol, Lacrimosa

I find that GuildPortal is the most versatile tool on the web for hosting an mmo community. No matter what game you play it can always be made to accommodate your needs, thats what makes it's customization so powerful.

Jackel159, The White Rose Conventicle

Greatest website hosting there is! The ease of use and design are so awesome!

Denistara, Game of Thrones

I love having a place to go for assistance when I have a questions. Plus, I enjoy having access to all my guildies on one webpage. It helps to bring other alliance guilds together to share information and strategies. Thank you GuildPortal! You ROCK!!!

dawnie7, Invincible Warriors

Awesome site with all the code to customize your guild-site just the way you want it - even if you have no experience with doing it! It's SO EASY!

Daphellann, Damage Inc

Guild Portal offers a fantastic yet easy to use guild calendar that has transformed how we organize guild events.

Crozzers, Covenant - Rift - EU Shivermere

Guildportal makes not only creating the site simple, it is also a breeze to coordinate - whether a novice or experienced admin!

CM_Kurisu, Crimson Mist

I'm very impressed with the ease of setup and use. The integration of the various elements, particularly the raid calendar and dkp makes my job a lot easier.

Ciarrah Zarrak, Blood Oath

Prompt reply to my ticket - many thanks!

Doolan_EU, 5/18/2011

Very nice to get such a quick reply, and no excuses just makin it right....yep this is home page for my guild...Mapleleaf RedmenRyath "GM"

Tuteuk, 5/6/2011

Guild Portals' user-friendly set up makes it easy to get up and running quickly. From there, you have infinite choices to tailor your site to your liking. Guild Portal Support is very timely if you should run across an issue. I highly recommend Guild Portal for your gaming site needs.

Euvie, Fallout

I like the ease of use, as well as the ability to customize the site. For someone who has little time to devote to both managing an off-line life and an in-game life, having a service that allows quick updating with little to no hassle is a definite asset.

Rhynth, Shattered Dreams

It's a great and easy way to share information to everyone in your guild. I used to build customer sites for my guild/legion, but it doesn't make a lot of sense anymore. This is easy stuff.

Phazzer, DeathRow (Aion Legion)

GuidPortal is the BEST CMS for MMOs, period!

DaKKMaximus, Casual Addiction

Guild Portal has got to be the easiest and most configurable site there is, regardless of your coding skills. As an advanced Web Designer, I love it and feel comfortable knowing that anyone taking over sites I put together will have no problems maintaining it.

TheNyah, Time Well Wasted

I didn't think it would be so easy to make a page. Once I made my own graphics and added them it looks so good. Thanks for providing this service to us.

RangerAimee, Imperial Guards (Aion)

All I can say is our past guild website went unused, this one is certainly taking off quickly.

FMonk, Skullsplitters on Windrunner(US)

Guild Portals has made setting up a guild web site quick and easy. I'm an IT person with bandwidth and a server at home who used to run his own site. This is MUCH easier, and gives me more time to game, less site maintenance!

DragonkillerDDO, The Dragon Knights

I am the site administrator for my guild's portal page, and have found the tools and admin communities to be most helpful in making our portal page user-friendly.

Anavoria, All Warred Out

I am a Video Game Software Engineer and Web Application Developer IRL, and have been very pleased with what GuildPortal has had to offer. I could have written my own site for my guild, but you have provided excellent tools and thus saved me a fair amount of time. Thanks!

Trevael, Meuia Ay'Turonya

Guildportal made everything seem almost too easy. The ease of creating a truly unique site that my guild can be proud of could not of been made possible without this amazing site and their prompt service team.

GuildMemberX, The Brether

GuildPortal has provided our corporation in Eve Online (Heaven's Gate) an exceptionally fast, feature rich portal complete with Forums, chat, email and much more. Fantastic tool.

Mr Enigma, Heaven's Gate

Great place to host a Guild in any game!

Helmkat, Deviant

...I found that GP has more features/more customization than GuildLaunch.

Carabear, Vividsoul

We love GuildPortal, it is easy to use and easy to set up. Best way to go if you don't want to spend half a fortune on a website for you guild or clan!

Pealittle, The Green Monkeys

Our guild used to be hosted by another service that didn't provide much in the way of features and didn't have much of a support community. GuildPortal gives our guild the best deal when it comes to features, support and just plain uber-ness. Our guild used to use another service and it just didn't have any pizzaz...or features that would make our site "POP" to both our members and prospective members. GuildPortal has everything we need and the support to go along with it!

Linarei, Runs With Scissors

Guild Portal is really helpful in keeping a guild site up and running. It was effortless to set up!

ct2020, POWER

Excellent, saves a lot of time for guild leaders, giving them more time to play. 10/10.

asgardGM, Asgard PWV

Useful, functional out of the box and almost infinitely customiseable. Great for both straightforward simple hosting and massive complex varied hosting for a guild. And having the time value set for each use in their OWN local time is fabulous.

Taosin, Komturei

GP is great! The functionality and ease of use makes even the most code challenged person feel like they can accomplish an attractive site. I'm speaking of myself of course. LOL I do have to say that Mottie has helped more than I can say!

Merenwench, The Exploration Society

Guildportal is a great site, easy to create a site for your guild, with no use of HTML, PHP, ASP.NET, or any such knowledge.

GineRaventear, Raventear Tribe

I like the simple user interface and all the great features! Keep up the good work guys.


Guild Portal is an easy-to-use site with many interesting tools available!

Legend Light, The House of Tera

Guildportal provides the means of creativity without having to be a HTML crack.

Aurabesh, Pack Eldarian Knights

Creating a guild webpage was a daunting prospect... till i found Guildportal :)

Nyeanna, CouncilOfTheWise

It's useful for guildmasters such as I who don't want to spend too much time on site creation and what else.

Sharasvar, The Sithari Path

GuildPortal is easy to use and has many features. I have tried other free hosting sites, and they can't compare.

Raand42, Dawn of Light

I played with a few sites when making our guild website, and as far as the free content goes, GuildPortal has the most to offer. Another thing that made me choose GP was the characters and settings options. Other sites were much more difficult to use, and even though I'm happy to help people learn how to navigate our website, WoW is a very time consuming game and I'd rather be playing than instructing!

chrissierock, Beware of the Horde

Customer of GP for years with over 6,000,000 hits to our forums site.

bugbig, Shadow Company

It's a cool, fun, and easy way to keep a guild organized and running smoothly.

~desu, Altoholic

It does give a ton of great tools and easy setup for web novices, and advanced tools for those much more advanced. It has the best set of features available of all of the Guild site services.

Red Shadows

So far I have been very impressed with the functionality that is currently offered by GuildPortal and look forward to a long and happy time here.

Order of Helms Deep

So far, the site is looking marvelous. We just need a few more refinements, and we'll be pro in no time!

Honoured Heroes, World of Warcraft

I just started, but thought it would be an awesome tool when I saw that it has everything that a guild could need all in one place, no need to have separate sites for things, like forums! :D

Kalidara, Opposition

Love the site, easy to use, and easy to maintain!

Fenris - Dark Age of Camelot - Midgard

It's a great site, really useful to simplify matters of clan such as events and news are all right there on the main page and dont have to search deep in to threads like other sites.

Kendrax, Shadohunters

A great guild hosting site with everything you would ever need to run your guild!

Harli Softale, Gathering Storm

GuildPortal has helped up come together better as a guild, instead of just a bunch of people carrying a guild tag. As some members have put it, "I really feel like a useful part of the guild now. The forums keep me in contact with people I don't see much in the game and the event calendar is great!" As the admin, hearing comments like that is the best reward!

Mykyl, Noble Fist

Guild portal is an awsome site/community. I really appreciate their dedication to the online gaming community. They have easy to use tools/interface for creating and maintaining websites to keep your in-game members and friends in communication with each other. Thank you so much for your hard work. CUDO's to the DEV team.

Ironhand, Los Whappos

I find Guildportal nice and easy to use as an Administrator, it has lots of usefull features and you can customize about anything you want. I like the privalege settings and being able to limit peoples ability to read or access sertain items or pages of the site.

Greeno, The Kindred

We have been impressed with the content and features available to us. It's quite obvious that GuildPortal was well thought out by folks who know gaming and what a guild needs for site content on a guild page.

Ridl, Gu'Brath Faileas Dracoin

I looked at a number of online guild management websites and I felt that this was the most clearly laid out, user friendly portal to use.

Vlar_Hellar, Order of Martyrs

We orginally started with a different host, but after some research, I found that GuildPortal could offer us far and away better features and service. Since our switch, the website has served as our backbone for communicating and coordinating pretty much everything for our player city. Because of the organization we have been able to display, we have quickly become the largest city on our server and we continue to build a strong community for our city. Since player cities in SWG are fairly new, the in game tools for them are quite poor - and frankly, we would be lost without our web site.

ArsenalSF, City of Brenn

This service is great! Pay the extra and lose the ads and get the custom URL. I have seen much more activity and communication from guild mates since moving over to

Phamcar, The Krayt Dragon Syndicate

As an admin of an alliance it's really nice to have all the features guildportal provides and not have to administer and upkeep the site all by myself.

Sadia, The Asylum Alliance

I found this the easiest site to work a guild page on, I am a novice and I only handle basics but even that has my site looking good.

Raumo, Battle Hardened

Great site, we have been here a while and have seen MANY GREAT changes.

Ceddo, Voice of the Norrathians

I can't thank GuildPortal enough for making running a site for my guild so simple and easy! I know nothing about website design / maintenance but with GuildPortal am able to easily run and maintain a site for our guild. With just a few simple points and clicks of the mouse, I had a site up and running for our members in a matter of minutes. I also want to thank the admin of GuildPortal for being so quick and friendly in answering my questions

Gert, Monarch, The Covenant

Guildportal is the most user-friendly system i've ever come across!

Steelheart, Syndicate

I was really starting to dread having to use ezBoard for our guildsite, I would have had to have someone code the homepage and other features we needed, then I found Guildportal. I had our site set up in a matter of hours (okay, I am a stickler, it could have taken less) and our guildmembers were thrilled. Also nice to hit the GP home page and see our site in the design spotlight!

Ubrik MacDuff, Poison Arrow

I think GuildPortal is great in that it allows my members to be more active in guild site content. Previously I hosted our guild site on my server and all changes were done solely by me - that included news updates, images, etc. GuildPortal allows even my most timid member to participate.

Melodious, Carpe Diem Sodalitas

GuildPortal is the best website for any guild to get their site up quick and easy! The features for subscribers are useful and add value to our membership.

Deberg, Final Revelation

All in all, guildportal is one of the best customizable asp toolkit that I've seen. :)

Kashira, The Covenant

I really like all the options on Guildportal. It's more like a web page than just another message board. Thumbs up to the people running this show!

Icebleu, Troubles Band has made it very easy for my guild to make a great looking and easily accesible site that makes everything much easier.

Sukis, Prophecies of the Dragon

GuildPortal is a blessing....The features they have packed into this thing are wonderful and make my job extremely easy running my guild...I highly reccommend this for any guilds webpage... Regards Ryan Renshaw Guild Leader Lore Seekers of Norrath Stromm Server

Loomis, Seekers of Norrath

Excellent site! A lot of features for the price. I will be passing on a lot of recommendations!

Khellen, Thorns

Guild Portal was and IS the answer to all my guild Site needs! It has everything from bank info to live character feed info from Camelot herald servers. The Customizability of EVERY aspect of the Site is jaw dropping... there is nothing you cannot change to your liking. Everyone, no matter your skill, can set up a very good guild website to call home, in a matter of minutes. This is the 1 minute Rice of guild packages :) Exellent job!!

Netheria, Last Man Standing

GuildPortal has been very useful in bringing my guild the info that cannot be transmitted to everyone ingame. The mail section is especially usefull so that I can communicate with my members easily and privately.

Lauralye, Legacy of the Council

GuildPortal was an integral part of Guardians of Val Sans Retour (a guild I was an administrator of up until recently and whose site I designed). Communication through forums and calendar events could not have been accomplished without the help of our guildportal site. I hope my new guild, The Covenant, will benefit as well.

Daphnie, The Covenant

This is a great place to host your guild. It is easy to use and I like the way you can individualize your web pages.

Dabhaidh, Unification of Norrath

It's been very good for our members as a means of communication, particularly for those who wish to maintain their personal privacy.

Ashloiren of Dra 'Nei, a DAOC Guild on the Merlin Server

So far I have found this site most useful to our guild. We were looking for a website with low maintenance and this is a perfect fit. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to create a nice looking website that addressed all of our needs.

Blackened Sabbath, BoD Alliance and Disposable Heroes

I Love It!!! Would rather be playing than building a website. With GuildPortal it's no fuss no muss and offers much more than I would have time to figure out.

Enoc MacKirkin, The Illuminati, a DAOC Guild on the Percival Server

After trying HTML and web authoring on my own for months I finally gave up because it was too much effort to try to make what I found here. Guildportal had exactly what I wanted in a guild home and I have told everyone I know about it!

Chiptooth, Divine Crusaders

Not being a web designer, trying to create a web home for our guild was taking a long time. Then I chanced upon GuildPortal while checking other guild sites for ideas. A simple registration process with GuildPortal gave us an extremely useful site in seconds with all of the content features I wanted and more. A lot of work has gone into creating this place, and I intend on becoming a paying subscriber ASAP. It's well worth it to me.

Galutius, Leader of The Legion of Light, Earth &Beyond.

The perfect website for keeping your guild organized when you just can be on the actual game.

Hughie McMutton, Royal Order Of Knights

GuildPortal is a great way for our guild to have a presence on the web without having to employ a web developer. The GuildPortal team has provided an easily customizable site that is our little home outside of the gamespace.

Hirnol, Blood Red Rose, EverQuest

I find GuildPortal easy to setup and use. Highly recommended!

Mizz, Meliora Cogito

Excellent service that I highly recommend for anyone insane enough to want to run a guild website!

Corell, Ravensmyst

We have really enjoyed GuildPortal since discovering it this month. There's been an increase in interest in guild events and participation.

Frithweaver, Metalsmiths of Thor

We are still in the testing phase of using GuildPortal. I personally, am highly in favor of "one stop shopping" and am configuring your site to fit our needs, replacing about 3 other sites/apps in the process.

Nasus, Forsaken Lords, EverQuest

GuildPortal was the answer to me not writing yet another guild management site for my guild. I would rather spend time playing than coding. Thanks so much!

Orkhammer, Mystic Dawn

GuildPortal lets me play the game, and keep an updated site. I love that about it. Before, I was spending so much time building and maintaining the web site that I found little time to play.

Memyr, Guardians of the Grail

This site is great. It makes the life of the leader and the officers of a guild a lot easier, and can concentrate on the guild, instead of how to output important information that members need to see. The functionality of this site renders it a priceless tool, well worth the $30, for any leader that is looking to create a great gaming environment for his or her members. I give this two thumbs up, and a tail... Because I'm Iksar!

Sithral, Ethereal Dragon Legion

I love GuildPortal! It isn't run by a bunch of Paladins! :) It's so much more useful than sites like ezBoard and allows my guild to easily access the sites of our allies.

Vililyia Ul`Saruk, Circle of the Shadows is easy to use, but at the same time offers a lot of customizable content. I liked it so much that I recommended it to 2 guilds and both haven't looked back since!

Wivelrod, The Order of the Rose Croix, DAOC-AC2-SWG

Fantastic site. I recommend this site to everyone I can.

Mr0ts, Keepers of the Realms

My guild is awesome and horribly playful. Not only does GuildPortal provide a venu outside of the game for us to interact and be playful with each other, it also allows us to keep each other informed about guild and game issues, news and future events. The quest tracking feature helps assess future planning needs. GuildPortal provides features I have not fully utilized and it continues to improve as well as become more flexible. The staff is quick to respond and accessible. As I learn more about GuildPortal I realize its power in helping my guild attain its goals by providing us a place to communicate ideas in more than just mere letters and words. And you can make it pretty, too! ;)

Rebels Drakkon`Nul, Twilights Eternal, EverQuest, Tunare Server

For anyone looking for an easy way to host a site for your MMOG guild you can not do better than to use the great hosting power of I have used GuildPortal as a normal member of my main character's guild and have just created a site for my druid's guild. The basic settings let you get started with a very small amout of effort and with a low level of web skill you can produce a very creative site. The mastermind behind GuildPortal must have a great love for MMOG, to have taken the time to supply us all with such a useful tool to use for our guilds. Thank you Aaron.

Stormfok the Druid, Heart of Bristlebane, EverQuest

GuildPortal is a great way for a busy guild webmaster to centralize most guild-related website functions into one spot quickly and easily. I have been a member for two years, and the functionality just keeps growing and improving.

Halvard, Knights of Zek

Making the switch to GuildPortal was the best thing I ever did for my guild, the organizational and management tools are incredible and the easy communication between allied guilds is indispensable. Since the change to GP our guild has begun growing again.

Rhoninn Thislethorn, Heart of Norrath

Our members like using GuildPortal because it is so easy to use. And that allows for more gametime.

YSUCSISMajor, Crusaders of Justice

I love all the features that GuildPortal gives my guild website. I wouldn't change hosts for anything!

Tanlandar, Dark Prophecy

I tried building my own site with various php content managers but could not get just what I wanted. I found everything here and easy to use too!

Mican, Heritage

In our quest to find a place that is easy to setup, maintain and actually USE, I have found NO other site as helpful as Guild Portal. It is easy for those who are not experts at web and yet offers features to keep the most talented web admins busy! The support offered by Guild Portal has always been top notch and they have my loyalty for all my Guilds/Clans

Rehael, Cor En Galad

GuildPortal is so awsome, answer a few questions hit a button and bam! Instant web site, and administering my site is so easy!

KazuyaDarklight, Disciples of Shadow

I love the Calendar functions. I love how easy it is to use GuildPortal. With just a few clicks I am able to have a full website up and running and can add/delete as many pages as I want to!

Keeanah, AoD.GuildPortal.Com

GuildPortal has been extremely helpful for my guild. I'm no HTML expert, but GuildPortal made it easy to create and manage my website. Thanks so much!

Kixxie, The Obsidian Order of Albion Kay

GuildPortal is a very useful tool, allowing great customization of our guild page, and providing an interface for geeks like me to add their own content. Thanks!

PosiCat, Ghosts of Chaos

GuildPortal has been invaluable in helping to facilitate alliances between different groups. Thanks!

swngrrl, C.O.V.E.R.

I am not much into paying for anything, but GuildPortal is the one thing that is worth it. Easy, accurate and cheap.

[V-V]Coryn, Vis Vires

GuildPortal is fantastic! Built-in tools make running a guild so much easier and the web site is more useful.

Cosmic Titan, Hard Corps

I find that GuildPortal makes managing a guild website almost effortless.

Judhael, One Hit Wonders

Easy to create. Easy to use. Easy to manage. Simply fantastic!

Trackor, Clan Hermandad

GuildPortal is an awesome communication tool for my large active guild. I have been pleased with the service and recommend it to others.

Ikassa, GTB Star Wars Galaxies SWG

I have tried a few other services that offer "similar features" as GuildPortal, however, none could compare with the services, features, and reliability that GuildPortal has come to be known by. Thanks to all of the hard work and dedication that this site has shown to the gaming community. It is apparent that the company cares for its clients.


LOVE IT!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Regalis, Forsaken Lords

GuildPortal is beyond useful, it allowed us to create a website that would have otherwise taken us months of coding and tweaking in just a few minutes. And the faster the site is up, the most LS members we can rope in.

Amarith, AmicaBestia

GP is a great service. The only way to go if you want to actually play the game more than you manage your guild website. It's so quick and easy.

Bossa16, Elders of Azeroth

GuildPortal helps me so much because I don't have to learn HTML to get a great looking site!

Khrohcing, Shadows of the Unforgiven

GuildPortal has been an asset to my guilds and alliances website, it provides all the tools I need to make them both unique, their customer service is quick, fast, and I always get the help I need to make sure my guild's site stays on top!

Kelric, Albions Crusaders and Circle of Honor

Awesome site, great features, and fully customizable!

Viri, Graveyard Disciples

GuildPortal is by far the best online guild hosting service for MMORPGs out there. Hosting multiple genres has allowed us to have a single source for hosting our guild websites for both EverQuest and World of Warcraft. Whether you are an advanced web designer or totally new to creating websites, GuildPortal's admin interface makes it easy for all to build a home in no time. If you are looking for a guild home, I highly recommend ending your search here!

Ladran, Torva Spiritus of Hellscream

I have used GuildPortal for 3 years now, and it's by far the best guild management site out there. Trust me, I've tried them all! Their CS is fast and friendly and their web site features work and are just what we need!

Aviendeha, Wayfarers

Without the time or the expertise to create a functional Guild Webpage, Guildportal was a lifesaver for me.

Tarl, Legion VII Felix

After 2 years of using GuildPortal I have made my choice over the others, there is no competition any more. GuildPortal is the only way to go!

Sorvikcorsair, Drae'Nei

I love GuildPortal. We planned on sticking with the free EQ2 Guilds site but soon realized how much we missed all the bells and whistles that GuildPortal offers. We have subscribed and are here to stay!

Vivy, Divine Justice

Ease of use, supportive staff. Has all the tools needed to make our vision as a guild a reality.

Bloodworth, Guardians of Light (Ultima Online)

This is the second guild I have hosted here. I would not host anywhere else!

Hideus, Veteranus

Been running my guild for well over 6 months now and I know I couldn't do it without the website. You guys almost make it too easy hehe.

Iamanama, Tunare's Forsaken Few of tunare Server, EQ1

By Far the Most User Friendly Guild Hosting Site on the Net. Weither you're a Tech Genius or a Computer Newbie GuildPortal is the place to host your guild.

Kwanza, League of Legends

GuildPortal has saved me the time and effort of finding a deal on the internet to host my site (that's because there isn't one, silly). I save money as well as time. PLUS (yes wait there's more!) I don't need to be a programmer to do cool stuff, just easy basic html. =) GuildPortal roxx!

Pvdubj, Crest of Darkness

I love Guild Portal! I moved my guild website from another guild service because after much research I found that GuildPortal has more features than anything out there and the best custom service I have ever encountered! Thank you GP!

Venus Moonshadow, ShadowHaven

GuildPortal is all we need to make our guild great! So easy.

Istianas, Abismo

Guild Portal is a great place to have your guild hosted. It's easy, fun, and FREE! The Control Panel rocks for novices or experts! There are content limits and ads. However, if you subscribe all those are lifted! You can even get your own domain name! It's a great way to go and has tons of features!

IonPhase, Legion of Champions

This site is extremely easy to use, but still offers customization for those who want to delve in to their guild site creation. These guys are top notch!

Rahlan, Seekers Divine

Just signed up, but I'm amazed at how easy it was to get a comprehensive guild site up and running. Guildies are very pleased with the results so far!

Sneak, Bad Girls of Europe, Chimaera server

GuildPortal has been an invaluable asset to our guild, its formation and communication by leaders and members alike. Having a website meeting place is important to any guild, but having a place such as one provided by GuildPortal... well, who could ask for anything better?

Snoe, Vigilant Paradox

GuildPortal is by far the best game community communication site for MMORPGs. We have been a member for over 2 years and highly recommend it to any GMs who seek ease and versatility for their guild.

Suzy, Heretic

GuildPortal really helps bring our City of Heroes Supergroup together with tools and features that make a novice web designer feel at home.

Tara Jewel, Babes of War

GuildPortal has been an easy to use, amazingly helpful way to build a new guild from scratch in the recently released EverQuest 2. We have grown a strong foundation and there are so many helpful site tools you couldn't really ask for more. Our members are very happy with the organization and when they request something it is very easy for me to implement the changes with your system. Thank you for your help in building our community into such a successful one.

Arie, Lavastorms Cataclysm

I find it very useful because of all the content provided to us we can do and make so many things for our websites to make them truly great and make our members want to visit our website and all the great support provided by the support form and also in forums. It's the best place for guild hosting out there today in my opinion.

Gonladil, Darkfire Demons

GuildPortal is the best thing to happen to MMORPGs right after broadband connections. We are able to keep our game going even when we are not in the game. My GuildPortal website helps us plan events and keep track of player records. We are able to give out awards and such. Our forums are full of great ideas and funny stories. Most of the time I spent more time on my GuildPortal website than I do in game. It's just fun to create fun graphics and post new information and such on the site. I love my!

Ireth, The Royal Guard on Bloodhoof (WOW)

As an amateur web designer, I found Guild Portal to be the perfect solution to creating a website for my guild. All the tools are right there waiting for you.

Charles the Hammer, Champions of Nissi

Hey! GuildPortal has made it very easy for our guild members to communicate, and offers many helpful services ie. link space, GP e-mail and guildhouse live. Thanks Guild Portal, you are awesome!

Curoth, Knights of the Reign Council

GuildPortal is the best guild hosting ever. I could not have gotten a guild webiste without you guys.

Lord_Spawn1, Knights of Death and Destruction

Great site. I don't have the first clue about HTML and web design, but when I created my own guild in World of Warcraft, this place gave me the inspiration to start learning. Now I host my own website here!

Dwarin, Champions of Azeroth

I have found GuildPortal to be the answer to all of my guild webpage needs. Very easy to set up and maintain, it lets me deal with guild issues instead of having to be tied up with webpage issues. What a relief!

Bandaydz, House Millithor

Guild Portal is very simple to use. And even though I am fluent in HTML, I found some of the resources on GuildPortal not to be matched in any other community.

Pandoria, Mystical Illusions

I love GuildPortal... The quickness and ease of use have me able to create a professional site, keep it updated, and make everything run sooo much smoother, with less man hours put in by me.

Apophus, Knights of Vengeance

GuildPortal has helped to take my guild to the next level of play by giving us many built-in tools that help organize our members and their needs.

Sirse, Seren Llys Du

Guild Portal is the only place to go for service for you and your guild! No other place provides so many services, so much space and freedom, and such a great community! GuildPortal has allowed ArchAngles of Light (AAL) to interact online, while not playing World of Warcraft. I thank Guild Portal with all I got.

SilentAnarchy, ArchAngels of the Light

I have used GuildPortal for several years, and it just keeps getting better and better. I keep returning with each new MMORPG I play. I now manage three premier guilds from three different games using GuildPortal. I love it, and it is easy to individualize.

Sarina, Champions of Kalimdor

I have to say that so far, having my guild's home on GuildPortal has been very enjoyable. As an admin-noob it is very easy for me to add and remove content, monitor users and generally make sure everything is running smoothly.

Isiek, Mostly Harmless

Guild Portal aids in contact and planning... as we all know communication is a very important thing. There are times that one may not find the opportunity to log on or devote much time to instruction or catching up with each other *cough* xp grinding *cough*. The site is a true jewel in helping with this. Planning events and spreading word has become merely the click of mouse buttons, with none of that endless typing over and over and over again. GP is truly an ingenuity.

Danukicva, Disciples of Antiquity

Well after looking all over and using 2 other portal services, I found and stayed with Guild Portal. They have an easy to use interface that you can customize with pre-generated content or custom HTML content. My guild members all enjoy the portal as an alternative to just another forum. We have been flooded with recruits since using GuildPortal... It is the current STANDARD in portal services hands down. Great value and service for all guilds or clans looking for a home.

Mr. Sir, FastGuild

Our guild has just started a presence here, but I will say that I have found the features of this site very easy to use. I've been very impressed with GuildPortal so far.

Coreth, The Hyperspace Outlaws

What to say ..hmm *taps index finger to chin*. Ah yes, I have used my empathic and kinetic travel powers to search most of the internal universe (also known as "the web" to my 3rd-7th geeky boyfriends) and found this to be THE BEST hosting option. In all seriousness, my membership and 2 chapter Guild has never been so easy to manage. I co-lead the Angels, admin the site for my members, and owe them the best game resources I can locate.

Aranita, Angry Angels

Great guild hosting service ya got here! I have no experience with programming, and this site made it easy to get my guild site up and running! Thank you!

Kemian, Flight of the Aspects

I'm very pleasantly surprised with GuildPortal. While I have the skills to develop and host my own site, I'd rather spend time playing the game than administrating the site. Guild Portal has allowed me to create a great site with tons of useful things for my guild without having to spend weeks on development. I love the integrated features like the roster, image gallery support, and the calendar. I love how I got the site up and running in no time but the level of ability to customize is still deep. Most of all I love the direct line to the GuildPortal team through the Admin site, and I love the connection I feel with the development team. I'd say I WILL recommend GuildPortal, but I already have. Two friends of mine moved their guilds to GuildPortal after seeing our site and asking me about what I thought of the setup. Keep up the good work!

Elizium, The Tainted Legion

GuildPortal is an amazingly functional and fun guild management tool! I love the features and ability to store a lot of amount of content and information about my guild and the members. It is easy to use, looks great, and just what I have been looking for to manage my guild! Thanks Guild Portal!

Analia, Skara Brae

GuildPortal is superb. We really needed a certain amount versatility and yet we wanted to reduce the admin workload to design and member management. GuildPortal Delivered!!! With GuildPortal you can make your site almost as complex or as simple as you can imagine if you know what you're doing. Thank you GuildPortal!!

Eorendil, Kismet

GuildPortal has helped transform Order of Honor frmo a casual see-you-when-I-see-you guild to an organized raiding machine.

.murasaki, Order of Honor

We were working with a PostNuke installation prior to coming here to Guild Portal. The customization features, the built in tools and integration into whatever game we decide to play in the future was a complete sell point for us. We had our site up and running with no problems in less than 5 minutes.

Jadae, al Yad

GuildPortal is simply the best site there is for hosting a guild. It is simple to use, simple to learn and makes it easier to build and maintain an active, constantly evolving site that will meet your guild's changing needs. I have been sold from the first day I have used it, and would highly recommend it, especially to those who consider themselves illiterate when it comes to websites!!!

Lady Celeste, The Tunarian Promise

I have been using Guild portal for over 3 years now, and couldn't imagine hosting a guild anywhere else!

Entrøpy, Profane and NBK

GuildPortal makes site building a BREEZE! A++ Job!

Zero Factor, StreetBound

GP is easy to use and well maintained. You do not have to know alot about web coding or designing, you choose the coloures and templates and it is done for you.

Aliisha, Guild Master of Shining Force

Guild Portal is a wonderful and easy to use resource that helps us maintain a professional look, without the need to micro manage the site.

Ascadia, The Knights of Minas Tirith

I find Guild Portal very user friendly and much easier to use than other guild sites I have been involved in. The Forums are very useful and it took me just a few minutes to get comfortable with making changes to my guild page.

Ashala, Serenity Reborn

Of all the portal sites I've used, I find GuildPortal to be one of the easiest to manage and get up-and-running. Literally, I can have a guild ready to go in less than an hour. Guild web sites SHOULD all be as easy as this since most of us do this for fun.

Belleron, The Shadow Interlopers of Aerie Peak

Our guild website, and the guild itself, gets better everyday thanks to the information shared through this website!

Bonxoh, Divinity

Very easy to setup and use, great support from the community. The best guild hosting solution I have found.

Buckoff, The Imperium

I love, I've used it for all my guilds, from all the online games I've played. If I need a place for my guild, this is ALWAYS the first place I come. Thanks guys!

Celatonia, Praetorian Guards

Guild Portal is both easy to use, and versatile, allowing me to create a site that looks unique in a relatively short amount of time.

Clamburger, Undercity Yacht Club

Guildportal has worked out great for us over the years. Have been using it since 2004!

_Ravyn_ of Red Talon Riders - (AoC guild)

GuildPortal is extremely useful, it's an easy way to get a really cool website, with hardly any work at all, I love it.

Jonathan of Fusion

Great service. Couldn't be more happy with the site and services.

Adoreus of Band of Brothers

As a novice web master myself, the site has been amazingly accessible. I was able to implement things on my site that I would never be able to do without GuildPortal's easy-to-understand interface. As my knowledge of HTML grew, GuildPortal was flexible enough to allow my site to grow, as well. This site is perfect for any level HTML programmer.

Aikau of Widespread Panic

Very useful tool for a few bucks.

Antarisx of F A I T H

We have an alliance with Occams Razor and the automated posting for events on both websites is a tremendous aide in coordinating our raids!

Chefricochet of Chainmail, Thelanis

It has been very helpful. We were in need of massive organization and you have helped us with that... TY!

Cocoaface of Einhänder

Love GuildPortal it's perfect for people like me who don't like to get too technical when it comes to software, has more advanced features too if i ever get round to learning them :)

Cuhllain Storm-Wolf of Clan Frostweasel

Guild portal is the easiest and fastest way to get a guild web site up and running!

CyberQat of 3rd Tarantian Legion

Guild Portal allows us to have a guild website with everything we need in an easy to use format.

Dreylin of Knights of the Eld

Wow... I can't believe you wouldn't want to be called a Paladin. Other than that I completely respect this website and appreciate everything it does for its guilds and members. I haven't been administrating for very long but, everything works nice and is reliable.

Drohk of The Astral Plane and Astral Projection LS

I love this site and can't wait to get my fellow guildmates involved! It'ss an awesome way to keep in touch and share views and ideas that you might not get a chance to do while in game. Thanks GuildPortal!

Evey of Devils Blood

I have been the leader of a few guilds here and there and this is definently the easiest to use and best Hosting site out there!

Felixx-TCH of The Cimmerian Horde

GuildPortal is the greatest thing ever. It helped me and my guild improve and be the best guild ever! It's easy to use, explains when to use HTML, simple content boxes, pre-made themes, easy to follow coloring, etc, etc, and etc. Sorry err here's a shorter version: GuildPortal is the best website for me and my guild. It was easy to edit with its simple and built in contents for pros and begginers! x3

fireball1583 of Magic Guild in the game Mabinogi

Easiest site to create a homebase for your guild! Great tools, forums, and features - Me and my guild LOVE GP!

Fonderi of Ascentia on Kael'Thas US, EverQuest

The GuildPortal support team is fast and very helpful. These guys are always working on the website management system to ensure that their customers are happy. Their customer support is professional and they actually listen to our recommendations. GP is a top tier location to run your guild website, highly recommended!

Gundrik Rikbolgisson of Kingmakers Guild

GP has been a wonderful place for our guild family to keep in touch out of game. We searched a long time for the features that we finally found available with GP. Thank you!

Kaishir of Dark Omen, on Rexxar

GuildPortal allows our BBFederation alliance of guilds to coordinate our activities and events amongst our various member guilds and independent members.

Kwibble of BBFederation, EverQuest 2

I have found all of the tools within Guild Portal to be very useful with implementing a guild website that is easy to manage, and provides a vast amount of information to other fellow guild members. The best part is that Guild Portal is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the services that they offer. I would recommend any guild to utilize Guild Portal to make their website.

Alaocia of Moloko Vellocet

GuildPortal makes guild managment easy so I spend more time playing the game than talking about it.

Arictus of Cosmic Fish INC

Guildportal has made it extremely easy to create and maintain a functional home for my guild. The controls are easy to use and the ability to customize exceeds expectations.

Beeast-Judge of Judge

I heart GP!

Herbman of Core Team Shardz Ur Epix

Tools are easy for beginners, as well allows enough customization for the more learned web designers out there.

Beerninja of The Party Gods

So far all questions have been in the faq. That alone is worth all the time spent converting to GuildPortal from MMOGuildSites.

Asgard Cromagnon of Pent Up God

Guild Portal is easy to use, has many convenient features and attractive themes available for both the technically skilled computer user and casual gamer who just wants to have a nice guild site.

Rhagara, The Outriders

I have been using Guild Portal for years now! You can customize your site to fit your needs, and you don't have to be an HTML or Javascript genius to do it! (It does help though...)

Lord_Mavik, Bound for Hell

I find GP to be very useful to my guild. It helps me in a lot of ways.

Handres, Anvilmars Alliance

So far, GuildPortal has been very easy to work with. It only took a few clicks to use some of the pre-built style templates and then make individual customizations. Most of the features are self explanatory and require little research to get going. Great job!

Donielle, Sinister on Antonia Bayle